So it begins! I keep doing the numbers in my head and telling myself to breathe.

For now, we are fine. Just fine. Hopefully the shifts at work won't cut me loose, I have so much to do, and DLJ is job hunting. And when he's home, the house always looks better than when I try to look after it myself.

There's some debt we have been working off very agressively, and that will slow now. That's the only bummer. Initially I wanted to take his severance and vacation and all of that and just pay it all off, it will just about do it. But I've changed my mind. It all gets socked away. I know the most important thing is to pay off debt, and we still will be paying it off at about 50% of what we are now. One more large payment, and the rest gets stuffed away. Just in case. I think it's better to pay out a little slower, but still pretty quickly, and have the stash in case the work movements spell the end of my time here. I don't think so, but better to be cautious. If that happened, with what is in savings now, plus the stash from DLJ, we'd be able to go for several months, and at that point, we'd have to start dipping into the nest egg in the mutual funds, which I don't want to ever do but it's nice to know it's there, if we absolutely needed it. Those funds are lower than they were due to the shifting of part of them to the alternate investment of the house, but there's still enough to stave off disaster.

I have a plan. We can do this. I just need to relax about it and let it flow. This has freed DLJ to find a good job more in line with what he does, where he can grow. Hopefully a job like the one he left behind in CA in that regard. I really hope I can learn to not be freaked by this stuff so much. I require such a huge buffer zone to feel ok. How do I unlearn this?

I've got two Flash projects on my plate, which is nice. One is a quick little animation for <a href="http://www.broccoliman.com">Broccoli Man</a>, for a film he is shooting. He just needs a computer screen to have a specific sci-fi display, so I'm playing with that, and I need to update <a href="http://www.thomasdolby.com">Thomas'</a> site so that his song snippets work again. They were utilizing Beatnik code which is now defunct, so I figure a Flash radio is the way to go. I will work on both this weekend, and a little in the evenings. Thomas also needs some work done on a biz site of his; with everything else I'm too busy so I will design it, and DLJ will build it! Since he is now at home everyday, doing home improvement and job hunting, it's a good little item for a resume. He's not a professional webmonkey like me, but it's always good to be well-rounded and he can do html easy…

So busy!

The Flash work is a good thing, I need to retain what I know of it and continue to learn it. It's not in my work right now but it could be, so I need to make sure I can be available with it.

done deal.

DLJ got let go today. Relief. I hate waiting for these things, and we knew it was coming. All I can do is keep working hard and hope things stay smooth for me while he looks. Good to have it done with, and now we can move on to his next job, which will be a good one, I'm sure!

Tuesday, busy day.
I kinda wish DLJ's job would just end already. Humming along like everything is normal, when it isn't, irritates me. Not as much as hearing Howard Stern from another cube nearby, but all the same. If we are going to go through the one-income experiment, let's just get going. Of course, every day spent job-hunting while working is good too, so…conflicted.
Some interesting stuff happened at work yesterday, as far as our group. We've been noticed by the bigger boys and they are folding us into the larger hierarchy. This will split us, with call center folks going officially under SALES and the rest of us under MARKETING. What this means for me, I have no idea. I'm busy as hell. I don't know if this affects my longterm possibility of permanent, because it's not even an issue for another 6-12 months. Overall, I think it's a good thing for our group, though a sad one. We were like a little startup inside the giant beast, and now we will be assimilated. But it's a sign they are noticing what we do, and that we, as a group, are profitable.

DLJ at home will mean more bulk home-cooked meals, more cleaning, more organizing, and less alone time for me. I guess a good tradeoff. But I have really enjoyed my hour home alone everyday before he gets home, I will miss that. It really made me feel balanced. I do have my own office now, at home, so that will make a difference this time around. If I could just get the time to get it really decorated and feeling like my own sanctuary! So much to do!

I was supposed to host Thanksgiving for 14. I have 8 place settings. Barely enough table space. Then it got cancelled as far as that many, it would be smaller. I breathed relief. Now it might be 14 again. I didn't even offer to do this, we were volunteered by another family member. I can't say I'm not a wee bit irritated at this point. I'm borrowing silverware from a friend, begging a table linen from someone else. What should be important is that we are all together. But seriously, one crack at how I have no furniture in the family room, and I'm breaking skulls. I didn't ask to host Thanksgiving in a house I've been in only 3 months so far. I'm glad and will be glad to see everyone…but it sure would go more smoothly if this was next year, not this year.

I'm baaaaack

And I missed you all.Welcome to the friends-only version of "I'm baaack." DLJ had to be my news-giver for a week, as I cut out radio and TV, too. Well, talking radio. Music radio was ok.

Yesterday I repotted a plant the cats peed in, jerks, pruned all the hydrangeas and roses in the back yard, started decorating the glass studio (yay! A place to put my huge Duran Duran poster again!) made some beads, dipped some mandrels, cleaned the kiln and kiln shelf, planned some fused objects for this week, played a lot of Fable, and forgot to drink the coffee I poured for myself. I also swept the deck to get the leaves off, and when I was done, hot from working in the sun even though it was a chilly day, I laid back on one of the benches and watched the sky, the slowly-churning clouds and the shadows of birds darting through tree branches.

DLJ is going to have his job end this week, the reason this entry is friends-only, since the date isn't truly known but he got a nudge from his boss not everyone got who might be dissolved, so… We knew this was probably coming, but not so quick. We thought maybe the end of the year. The entire division is going to be shut down, so it's not just him. He's started looking for something else. My inital reaction is worry, but I have to remember that we moved here so that there would be less financial pressure, so that we could have a kid and someone could stay home. All this is, one could decide, is a dry run. I mean, if we are going to do this voluntarily, might as well learn how, right? As Mom put it, yes, he should find a new job…but this could, and should, make the idea of one of you not working not be the big bogeyman anymore. Anyway, if anyone knows of, or needs, a desktop support/network admin guru who now has amazing knowledge of hard drive troubleshooting and installation, let me know. =)

I need to relax about the Almighty dollar. I've been raised to save and invest, but I perhaps invest a little too much into an overwhelming sense of financial security. I will say, though, having the house thing done makes this a lot easier. The house is there. The mortgage is locked. I don't need a great financial spread to prove to anyone I can buy a house anymore. That's nice.

Anyway, that's the news.

Pink Martini on OPB

Pink Martini's new album came out today; they have two celebratory concerts at the Schnitz tonight and tomorrow. I have tix for tomorrow but OPB is is airing tonight's show live, and you can catch the stream at www.opb.org, or tune in on yer public radio dial. =)

YAYAY!!!! sorry if this was posted already, I'm taking a week off reading anything at all, but thought this was good, happy news to share.

I'll be small this week

As part of my Artists' Way experience, I am supposed to not read anything this week. Of course I have to read work email, etc., but no books, no news, no poetry, and no friends-list! It's going to be hard. I'm probably not going to write much in here either, better to just stay away for a week. So I will try to catch up on all the news. I will be checking email, but not really reading it unless it's labeled as some sort of clear message that is urgent urgent from someone I know, or a message from Mom or Dad. Those always get read no matter what. So if you really need to tell me something, email and make it clear, or call me.

Whew. Luny not reading. What kind of sick world is this?

See you in a week.


One meeting today, which is better than the three hour meeting on deck for Monday and the 8 hour one on Tuesday. I have oatmeal again. I forgot my badge, so I took a brisk walk to the front of the building to get my temp. one. Derrr. Leave a little early to get gas and the brain can't hold the "pick up badge" info.

Last night I got a new bookshelf. It's not real hardwood wood, but a real wood place to store books isn't my top priority right now. The redone bathroom/guestroom couch bed/living room lights/Ankimo teeth are. It's a nice cherry stain color. We went to get it last night and had this wierd aggro neighbor of the woman I got it from pick a fight. DLJ was backing in the car to the edge of the curb and he started freaking because his wife just HAD to pull into the space he was vacating. She kept honking. DLJ's back still isn't good and driving a car in reverse didn't help, I thought driving would be easier than helping carry the thing, I forgot about twisting to look behind you in reverse. So DLJ said "Just a minute, I hurt my back," and she was still honking so I said "Chill out." Not in a mean way, just a "hold your horses" way and the guy got all aggro "I don't like how you are talking to my wife." Whatever dude. If waiting a moment to switch cars so you don't lose your precious spot closest to the door when there are plenty of open ones around is what gets you off in your sad little life, so be it. I'm not going to fight that silliness. DLJ said "Well, I don't like your tone either" and they puffed up at each for a little bit, then I got in the car to move it because DLJ's back was hurting. And that was that. Idiots. I'm glad I don't have that sort of stress in my life over who parks where and how quickly and oh my, I sat in this car more than 30 seconds, stress, stress, stress. :p

Today when I get home I will mow the lawn before the rains come. I made some good beads last night, nothing fancy, but I got some dots applied evenly for the first time, better accuracy control, and all of them were pretty balanced and centered. I made some simple spacers and two fancy beads, one with the dots and one with just some stripes. I read a tutorial on making peppermint candies, I might try that for giggles this weekend. Also this weekend is <lj user="giantfightbot">'s birthday dinner at Marrakesh, seeing a movie with my honey and hopefully making an apple pie. We made French onion soup last night, so good! I had no regular brandy so I spiked it with pear, and it tasted yummy. And hopefully Ankimo will come home tonight.