One meeting today, which is better than the three hour meeting on deck for Monday and the 8 hour one on Tuesday. I have oatmeal again. I forgot my badge, so I took a brisk walk to the front of the building to get my temp. one. Derrr. Leave a little early to get gas and the brain can't hold the "pick up badge" info.

Last night I got a new bookshelf. It's not real hardwood wood, but a real wood place to store books isn't my top priority right now. The redone bathroom/guestroom couch bed/living room lights/Ankimo teeth are. It's a nice cherry stain color. We went to get it last night and had this wierd aggro neighbor of the woman I got it from pick a fight. DLJ was backing in the car to the edge of the curb and he started freaking because his wife just HAD to pull into the space he was vacating. She kept honking. DLJ's back still isn't good and driving a car in reverse didn't help, I thought driving would be easier than helping carry the thing, I forgot about twisting to look behind you in reverse. So DLJ said "Just a minute, I hurt my back," and she was still honking so I said "Chill out." Not in a mean way, just a "hold your horses" way and the guy got all aggro "I don't like how you are talking to my wife." Whatever dude. If waiting a moment to switch cars so you don't lose your precious spot closest to the door when there are plenty of open ones around is what gets you off in your sad little life, so be it. I'm not going to fight that silliness. DLJ said "Well, I don't like your tone either" and they puffed up at each for a little bit, then I got in the car to move it because DLJ's back was hurting. And that was that. Idiots. I'm glad I don't have that sort of stress in my life over who parks where and how quickly and oh my, I sat in this car more than 30 seconds, stress, stress, stress. :p

Today when I get home I will mow the lawn before the rains come. I made some good beads last night, nothing fancy, but I got some dots applied evenly for the first time, better accuracy control, and all of them were pretty balanced and centered. I made some simple spacers and two fancy beads, one with the dots and one with just some stripes. I read a tutorial on making peppermint candies, I might try that for giggles this weekend. Also this weekend is <lj user="giantfightbot">'s birthday dinner at Marrakesh, seeing a movie with my honey and hopefully making an apple pie. We made French onion soup last night, so good! I had no regular brandy so I spiked it with pear, and it tasted yummy. And hopefully Ankimo will come home tonight.


Ok, so a piece of chocolate cake at 8 am wasn't such a good idea. Hello, heartburn!

I am glad to see the rain. Now I won't have to water this weekend, but it is time to mulch and start thinking about protecting the roses in containers. Next spring I want to plant them all in the yard.

I love my yard.
<img src="">

I hope it looks this good next spring, sans roses in clay pots.
This photo is from right before we owned the house, the ivy is still by the deck, that's all gone now.

I am looking forward to a weekend with many friends, fun, food and love. And glass!