I'm baaaaack

And I missed you all.Welcome to the friends-only version of "I'm baaack." DLJ had to be my news-giver for a week, as I cut out radio and TV, too. Well, talking radio. Music radio was ok.

Yesterday I repotted a plant the cats peed in, jerks, pruned all the hydrangeas and roses in the back yard, started decorating the glass studio (yay! A place to put my huge Duran Duran poster again!) made some beads, dipped some mandrels, cleaned the kiln and kiln shelf, planned some fused objects for this week, played a lot of Fable, and forgot to drink the coffee I poured for myself. I also swept the deck to get the leaves off, and when I was done, hot from working in the sun even though it was a chilly day, I laid back on one of the benches and watched the sky, the slowly-churning clouds and the shadows of birds darting through tree branches.

DLJ is going to have his job end this week, the reason this entry is friends-only, since the date isn't truly known but he got a nudge from his boss not everyone got who might be dissolved, so… We knew this was probably coming, but not so quick. We thought maybe the end of the year. The entire division is going to be shut down, so it's not just him. He's started looking for something else. My inital reaction is worry, but I have to remember that we moved here so that there would be less financial pressure, so that we could have a kid and someone could stay home. All this is, one could decide, is a dry run. I mean, if we are going to do this voluntarily, might as well learn how, right? As Mom put it, yes, he should find a new job…but this could, and should, make the idea of one of you not working not be the big bogeyman anymore. Anyway, if anyone knows of, or needs, a desktop support/network admin guru who now has amazing knowledge of hard drive troubleshooting and installation, let me know. =)

I need to relax about the Almighty dollar. I've been raised to save and invest, but I perhaps invest a little too much into an overwhelming sense of financial security. I will say, though, having the house thing done makes this a lot easier. The house is there. The mortgage is locked. I don't need a great financial spread to prove to anyone I can buy a house anymore. That's nice.

Anyway, that's the news.