kitty kitty

I dropped Ankimo off at the vet today with the usual mournful cries. My heart just aches every time I do this. But it's for her health, right? It's the dentist today. She's had stinky breath for awhile, and he noted when she was in sick that her teeth really needed a cleaning. So she's there now. I'd lie to say I'm not nervous. I had to sign all these waivers and things, and the shadow of my LJ friend whose cat didn't make it through a dental visit looms heavy. I'm trying to be practical though. While she's out I agreed to putting one of those scanning chips in. We do let the cats out and if she ever got lost, it would be nice to have her info tucked away even if she lost her collar, etc.

But I'm still feeling very nervous. She won't come home until tomorrow, so it will be a lonely night at the foot of my side of the bed tonight. Stay safe, little Ankimo, you will have shiny clean teeth and I will see you tomorrow. I love you, fuzzybutt, even if you did make me look like a multiple knife accident/suicide attempt this morning as I tried to get you in the carrier.