Two studio pix

It's ever so bare, so forgive me, it looks like I create art in a hospital basement!
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You can see my little jar of mandrels off to the left. You can see the large slab of marble I scavenged last Saturday downtown, perfect for marvering or holding hot glass rods. The concentrator is also to the left, but not in the picture. I need a better way to hang my baffles around the fan to direct air upwards…duct tape isn't cutting it for long term hold. It looks pretty clean, I am sure pretty soon it will be a wreck!

<img src="">
Here is my worktable, which needs to be painted white so that colors don't throw me off. You can see I still have my instructions for kiln programming on the desk, and the all-important stereo. To the left is my version 1 of glass storage, something I will upgrade pretty rapidly. Tools on top, then manuals and print outs, then cut sheets, then rods.