my writing in here has been sucky lately. Even more so at my other journal. I wrote so much in the late 90's, I let folks see everything. Now I rarely go into things that are serious, but I could at least provide a little more information about what I do.

I don't let anyone in anymore. Anyone old knows a lot, new readers probably don't find much of interest. Or maybe they do, they don't know how much I wrote before about my life. So, uh, I'll try.

I had my 2nd week of the Artists' Way meeting. We are both doing well. I think a lot of poeple pick up this book without a lot of creativity in their life at the time. Both of us do, so a lot of this early stuff is easy for us. I don't have trouble thinking I can create, I don't block myself, I don't have friends who tell me I'm stupid in what I do…no one tries to stop me. So a lot of that isn't there to wrestle with. If/when the life changes come, it might get more meaty for both of us. She made me a lovely kale salad last night while we talked. She is single and wants to be single. In some ways, I do envy that life. She can do what she wants when she wants. I'm selfish and want to do what I want when I want, too. Many of these things I do anyway, with DLJ, or little jaunts on my own. But she never has to fear leaving someone out, or behind, or scheduling, or whatever. I wouldn't trade my married life for the single life I once had…but there are times I miss sections of it. A part of me misses only answering to myself with what I do, and when. But it's more healthy for me to be in a relationship to learn to share and give as well as take. And we have such fun together. Last night we went to get ice cream and it was so simple, but fun, walking and talking. I had lost a bet so I had to pay. Of course, our money is the same so it's not quite the stakes or treat it used to be to win a bet that the other paid financially, but still fun. There is this house near ours that has two seats in front, it's on the relatively main road through our neighborhood and very close to one of the big main roads in town. The folks who live there sit out front for HOURS. I'm all for sitting on the front porch…but…it's obsessive. So last weekend we went for a morning walk and I bet they would be there, and they weren't. I lost, so we went to Don's favorite place last night (Cold Stone) vs. where I like to go (Dairy Queen). Sue me, it's a childhood taste and I didn't have ANY for eight years in CA. I like Cold Stone too, but I can only get a small, too much of their ice cream and it doesn't taste right to me anymore. I could eat gallons of Dairy Queen vanilla soft serve.

I am looking forward to the weekend, when we will go to the Harvest Festival with <lj user="synthcat"> and maybe some other friends of his. We are having brunch with him first, which is such a wonderful way to start a weekend. I will try to find time to do some glass (oooo, my wire and my leaf press showed up in the mail yesterday!), both a lampwork session and my first batch of fused things…also, we need to go get some mulch and things, and talk to HomeDepot about how much and what is needed to have someone come lay new tile in the downstairs bathroom.