I have just made v. 1.0 of Hungarian Mushroom soup, to stay in <lj user="synthcat">'s mode of soup-making. My 1.0 is his 2.0, because he was nice enough to tell me to double the paprika. Wish I didn't already have dinner, but this will go in the fridge to reheat tomorrow with spaghetti squash on the side with butter and brown sugar.


Time to go take some glass photos for a calendar.


the house is ours again, DLJ's parents are back in the Bay Area. DLJ left at 4:30 am to drive them to the airport, the bed didn't sit right with me while he was gone. This irritated me. It wasn't that he was missing, somehow my back is used to the mattress with his weight buffering me up, or something, so I couldn't get comfortable. This was annoying; I wanted to sleep and I wanted to pretend to be single and sleep stretched out over the thing, and I tossed and turned instead.
Guess I really do need him around! ;) Hee hee.
We are watching gardening shows and I'm going to go to the glass studio when it gets a little warmer out. Good thing we finally cleared out the garage enough this week to move my car in, or there would have been ice to contend with at 4:30 am before he left. I say we, but it's really DLJ who has done a great job organzing the garage. The other car won't fit, the bikes are in that space, I'm not sure we could actually get both cars and both bikes in there, so for now the big blue monster suffers.
Yesterday we went to the Portland Museum with his parents and checked out the Edward Weston photography exhibit, went to Powell's, where I bought a book for my Dad for the holidays, a used copy of Ayn Rand's "Atlas Shrugged," which he wants to re-read. We went to the holiday lights at the Grotto on the east side. I am not a Christian religious type person, but the lights were wonderful, lots of trails and things to see, a petting zoo and puppet show for kids. Anyone with kids who reads me, take them there, even if you aren't into Jesus as your main squeeze, it's still a wonderful holiday event with carolers and music.
Then we had dinner at McGrath's Fish House, which we hadn't been to yet. Yum!!!!!! I had an oyster shooter, first raw oyster for about a year and a half. I am going to go back there for the oyster/champagne thing someday soon.
No more gardening shows, I hear DLJ with the XBox. Guess I will get dressed, pay a few bills, if I am brave I might go to Fred Meyer's to look for Durkees sauce for the turkey leftovers. It's so chilly though, I might use cranberry sauce instead today, work on my novel, read, and make some beads.
DLJ's birthday is next weekend, and I already have a gift for that. I am really looking forward to Christmas and not exchanging something with DLJ for that holiday. All the lists and buy this, buy that just isn't attractive to me this year. I'm making my gift for my sister in law, aunt, my aunt's partner and Mom. I'm just not part of the frenzy this year and no advertising is going to change that. DLJ jobhunting helps with this goal, it's easy to keep that in mind when it comes to non-commercial consumption. And we have goals for next year with the garden and yard, making a veggie garden, a small meditation type corner under the Japanese maple, and clearing out the last of the huge ivy invasion. I'd rather put the funds to that, and new plants and grasses and flowers.
I wish it was warm enough for a walk! Maybe with enough layers….

*edit* I went to the local store for bread for turkey sandwiches and there was the Durkees, right where I knew it would be. Mmmmm. All is right in the post-turkey-day world

While all of you are done…

I'm just beginning my turkey. the carcass is in a stockpot, the rest is waiting in the fridge for a few hours. I dismantle my turkey before cooking it. Light and dark comes out perfect and the dark is braised for hours in a gin/bourbon braising liquid with other secret goodies.

DLJ went to the store with his Dad to get some syrup to make pancakes tomorrow. So we are buying a few grocery items on Buy Nothing Day… s'ok. We are staying clear of anything else.

I need more sleep, his Dad gets up a lot in the night and talks to himself all the time, so trips to the bathroom are conversations that wake me up.

I made some good glass beads yesterday. I'm starting to really nail the basics most times now.

Time to get dressed. It's foggy and chilly outside, but my turkey stock smells so warm and homey. And tonight there will be mashed potatoes, yams, homemade vanilla and pumpkin ice cream and marionberry pie. I miss the rest of the family, they are all down in the sun in CA at some swanky golf resort…but this is fun too, small Thanksgiving at home with DLJ's parents.

Turkey Day for most of America

We are having our Thanksgiving Dinner tomorrow. DLJ's parents are arriving today. I need to go pick up my fresh turkey at some point, braving the supermarket. Luckily, that one thing is all I need to get, so I will go this morning and hopefully slip in and out without too much of a wait.

I hope the weekend goes well. DLJ's parents are nice but sometimes when folks visit I need time alone. Luckily I have my studio now, with the seperate entrance from the house. It might make a nice hidey hole if needed.

My brain has been churning for days. And it's shifting new wrinkles, new bumps. I'm starting to let go of this "churn to own" that I've been trapped in. DLJ and I decided not to get each other anything for Christmas. We will have a fixed, registered old car instead, and that's just fine with me. I don't need anything right now. There's things that might be nice to have, but I'm not upset to not have them, and I'm happy with what I DO have. I'm sure I will have moments of old cravings, look at all the glittery things in stores, want that, etc. And I might cave here and there, and that is ok. The goal isn't to NOT buy things…just more wisely, more based on what I need, or may want, instead of what everyone else has, what society tells me I need, what I can "create my personality" with for others to see.

I'm already more at peace. I really am. Things that others had that I wanted, I don't envy anymore, I don't want to be like them. Folks who I saw chasing the money, who really worked for money, accumulation of money, I envied their end result…but now I do not. I knew this about myself years ago when I said I wouldn't work to be the best, the richest, the top of my field…but would work well and strong to fund other things I wanted to do. I fell off the track, but I'm finding the popcorn trail in the woods to get back. All of it, from focusing more on my glass art, creating something real, to learning more about consumerism and how it is making our world sick at the expense of the environment of our planet and our brains and bodies. All I can do is change me. And plant seeds, and let go of the outcome. I'm working on it.

I'm very Thankful this year. Friends, family, shelter, freedom, love, and a brain that refuses to let me sit in a drugged stupor of items when there's a world out there to explore and connect with.

Luny's return to her younger roots

If you are really interested in my thoughts of late on stuff vs. happiness, internal contentment vs. external pressures, society, all that, and if you really want to follow where I go, even just in thought, then <a href="">Download Chapter 2, the middle link, from the book Growth Fetish</a> by Clive Hamilton. It's free, in pdf format, and really, really, REALLY should be read. This chapter is on income, and how pursuit of better income is not equaling better levels of happiness. Since the 50's, income has gone up, and well-being has gone down. Why? Perhaps economic growth does not equal happiness, the way today's political and economical graphs and charts would like you to believe.
More of us have more money than ever, and more of us are more unhappy because of the stress, overwork, demands and goals wrapped up in aquiring more wealth, instead of focusing on family, friends, social structures, and interaction with the world, instead of the acquisition of things. But, this is what we have grown up being taught, but it's not working.
Just do this one thing, and think about it. It won't take you very long. And it will make you think.

"Economic growth does not create happiness: unhappiness sustains economic growth. Thus discontent must be continually fomented if modern consumer capitalism is to survive. This explains the indispensable role of the advertising industry. Advertising promises things to make people happy, so it works only as long as people are unhappy. By persuading people to buy more and more, advertising promotes continued degradation of the environment. The greatest danger to consumer capitalism is the possibility that people in wealthy countries will decide that they have more or less everything they need. For each individual this is a small realisation, but it has momentous social implications." – Clive Hamilton

bills bills bills

gas bill
2 cats to vet bill
luny to ear dr. bill
water bill
catalytic converter bill
some other thing for car that wont pass DEQ bill
credit card for ankimo at vet bill

all today.

Fun on one income!
I will not touch savings. I will not touch savings. I will not touch savings.

I made six beads listening to NPR. I love my mesh screen!
Time to go take a quick shower and read. I have started by reading Pilgrim at Tinker Creek.

Despite the financial sucking sound, DLJ is looking into going back to school. That is worth spending money on!


My dept. is having a potluck today, Mexican style. I brought in a fruit salsa, and just had a yummy small burrito with all the other yummy goodies people brought in. Tasty! What a good idea!

Art Walk

I owe the journal my Art Walk. Maybe I will post this one in the old, large journal, too. Why don't I write in there these days? I'm not sure. It's just as easy now to write over there, as here. Though I need to stop the spam crap. I knew there was a reason I Didn't like blogging. The spam. All my comments over there have to get approved so that there's no crap for readers, but that puts more work on me that isn't writing. Anyone got any good ideas on blocking spam comments on blogs?

Blogs. I feel like I have sunk so low. But the RSS is nice.

Right! Art Walk!

DLJ and I hit almost every stop in both Sellwood and Brooklyn, starting around 11:30 after checking out brunch at the Original Pancake House. I hope to go there again. There was a long wait but we volunteered to sit at the community table, a large table in the middle that sits you with strangers.

I had cherry crepes, very good but so huge I only ate about 2/3 of the plate! DLJ tried their hash, which is often how he judges a restaurant on breakfast.

And then we were off. It was a wonderful day for this once the sun started to peek out. We parked on SW Milwaukee and took our map and started wandering the neighborhood. So many kitties! Each house was easy to see; each member had a wooden sign shaped like a hand on their lawn or attached to the house, brightly colored and numbered to match their number on the map. We explored art, houses and people all afternoon. My favorite house belonged to a painter, with oil landscapes of the oregon coast, and other paintings done by her friend hanging in one of the other rooms. There were also paintings to view in the bathroom. A warm fire was burning, it was a cozy, clean artist's house. My favorite ROOM in a house was at the obsidian windchime guy's house. His kitchen had a sunroom where the table was, glassed in and overlooking the garden. Oh my.

My favorite art…that's tougher. In the Brooklyn neighborhood, we visited a silversmith, making celtic designs for pendants and pins. His studio was small, he lived in the back. He was truely an artist who did what he loved, lived humbly and was very friendly and open to explain how he made his pieces, which were beautiful.

The glass guy in Sellwood was great, I loved seeing a guy with his own glassblowing studio. Next year we will save up a budget ahead of time for art, as there were some things we would have loved, but didn't plan for.

My favorite people were a father/daughter team. We only met the daughter. Their space was in the garage and over it, where he did work with wood burls and woodwork, and she painted. They shared the studio space they built themselves over the garage, really well made. It was such a great synergy between father and daughter.

I wish Beaverton had one of these! I wrote the Beaverton Art Commission to make sure we don't. It's true that artists live in interesting places, there is more likely to be artists in the thick of Portland than out in the suburbs…but this artwalk had about 30 artists…surely Beaverton has 30 out there somewhere that would want to open their studio. I can think of one, at least! ;)

I am so glad we did this, and look forward to the opportunity visit more of them in more neighborhoods. I went on one of these in San Francisco years ago, and had forgotten how wonderful it was. I think owning a home made it even more enjoyable, as the home-envy feelings have disappeared, and studio envy, too! I remember walking around SF and just drooling over the homes I walked in. But there were some apartment renters on the map, with studios, and that was equally if not even more inspiring. Artists in pretty homes are fun to visit, but I appreciated the small studios with the single bed hidden behind a sheet just as much if not more. That might be why I enjoyed the silver guy so much. Simple life, honest work, and he was happy to share his world.

art walk entry, soon

But I found this on treehugger this morning, and I found it very interesting considering my thinking of late.
I think it might be worth a read, maybe I will download the less expensive paper-free form to read on my old, barely used Handspring. Or at least my home computer. It IS a laptop, I can move it around.

<a href="">A very interesting book indeed</a>.

I will say, in general, I had a very good weekend. I have to give <lj user="synthcat"> a wild hug of thanks for getting DLJ and I out to the artwalk. It was SO much fun, a beautiful day, a new batch of neighborhoods to explore, exercise, and art, art, art, art, and inspiration. Plus, checking out poeple's homes!

Such a great idea, and I can't thank him enough for calling me to point it out as a "you really should do this, Luny" event!

p.s. to <lj user="synthcat">:

<lj comm="picturing_food">

and I will be at your first dinner party like "escorts" at a vegas convention.