art walk entry, soon

But I found this on treehugger this morning, and I found it very interesting considering my thinking of late.
I think it might be worth a read, maybe I will download the less expensive paper-free form to read on my old, barely used Handspring. Or at least my home computer. It IS a laptop, I can move it around.

<a href="">A very interesting book indeed</a>.

I will say, in general, I had a very good weekend. I have to give <lj user="synthcat"> a wild hug of thanks for getting DLJ and I out to the artwalk. It was SO much fun, a beautiful day, a new batch of neighborhoods to explore, exercise, and art, art, art, art, and inspiration. Plus, checking out poeple's homes!

Such a great idea, and I can't thank him enough for calling me to point it out as a "you really should do this, Luny" event!

p.s. to <lj user="synthcat">:

<lj comm="picturing_food">

and I will be at your first dinner party like "escorts" at a vegas convention.