Yesterday and today I was scraping ice off my windshield before I could leave.
The grass out front was licked with silver frost, but the backyard was not. Which is good as far as the plants we moved against the side of the house go.

I can't wait to get a veggie garden going. I could have started this fall, but so many other things! I weeded and put flowers in, but the sides will be veggies. But I want more. I have so many ideas for the backyard, I should find some landscape software to at least help me organize my ideas.

DLJ has an interview next week. Cross your fingers. I want him to be picky with his job that he takes. Not every job will have everything, but I hope this one has enough of what he wants to make him happy.

This weekend I am having some friends over for dinner. I also need to buy a screen door, maybe we can wrangle that home tonight on top of the big blue car. When we were in Depoe Bay, this little bagel house had a "drop down screen, just heavy screened fabric. I would almost like that more than a screen door. They had signs there on where to buy one… maybe I can find it online. Anyone have any clues on this?

I am almost done with Flash project #1.
Thomas' website is still in design stage with almost half the hours gone. They keep changing the logo. :) I think we can still get it done in the allotted time as long as no other changes come after the final revision I hand over tonight.

Speaking of Flash, My goal today is to make some nifty Flash for work, so I'm off to it! After fetching my coffee.