One of my favorite things…

is a stack of unread books. It was time for the yearly bonanza of book closeout buying:

0151004145B 1 The Cave Ordered $6.49

0786885912B 1 The Lobster Chronicles Ordered $3.00

0375501959B 1 Comfort Me With Apples Ordered $5.99

0060953020B 1 Pilgrim at Tinker Creek Ordered $4.99

0805051309A 1 The Debt to Pleasure Ordered $6.49

0345453514B 1 A Peanuts Christmas Ordered $6.75

0571962947B 1 Barbara Kingsolver (Threebies) Ordered $13.99

0446529001B 1 Shoot the Moon Ordered $5.99

0316353299B 1 Blue Highways Ordered $4.99


Coupon Disc:

You have saved $143.67 dollars on this order off retail price.

I got me some Pulitzers, a Nobel Prize, some paperback, some hardback, a book with all the Christmas-themed Peanuts cartoons, and the Barbara Kingsolver is three books in one, Pigs in Heaven, Prodigal Summer and… I forget the other. Homeland? Heartland?
I saw the author of The Lobster Chronicles speak once, and always wanted to read her first book. And I loved the previous Ruth Reichl, Growing up at the Table.

I will have A HUGE PILE OF BOOKS for less than $60 with shipping! That's the cost of like, 2.7 hardbacks!

It takes awhile to make an order like this, books just listed by alphabetical order, or author, except you never know what they will have. I always sit down with a window open to the store, and one to Amazon to check reader reviews.