I was good today, fusing three pieces right now, no idea if I programmed ok or not. =)
Here's two from last weekend

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Blue dots

Hee hee

Bullseye released their early spring schedule today in an email.

Boy does that woman on the right look focused on her work! She's pretty cute in those safety glasses, too, huh?



Our sofa bed is arriving this weekend! Assuming they can get it in the guest room, hope the corner to the hall isn't too cramped, etc, the customized job was worth the wait! I want guests to have a really good night's sleep, so it's worth a ten-week twiddling of thumbs.

Though the 4th wall STILL isn't dewallpapered and painted. I swore I wouldn't do it, and I won't. I'll paint the inside of the closet, tho.

It's almost a library/guestroom! We just need a nice reading lamp and we are set. I could move one of my bookshelves in there, I suppose. Will have to ponder where/how to place books. I really want it a usable room, we never go in there now, and won't unless there are yummy reading materials to beckon. Perhaps t hat is where all the magazines could go. The thought of a room for BOOKS is mindboggling! And yes, guests can stay there, too.

Too much!

I made my coffee with too much coffee today. I haven't tasted it yet. I have switched to decaf during the week so the caffeine doesn't bother me in this, but I hope it's not overpowering!

DLJ has his interview today, please send him good vibes at 2 pm! It looks like a good company so I hope it is a job he would like to have, and that he does well.

Woo, that's some strong coffee. Also HOT.

Work on the small biz site is almost complete. I need to do tweaks on the first flash project, hopefully tonight.

I think there are movie plans on deck for Friday, cool! And things for Christmas in Tucson are shaping up, we will go to the Boneyard there with all the planes (see that part in Baraka with all the airplanes lined up in rows and rows and rows? That place) and the Titan Missile Museum, which my Dad says is cool. I can do a day of military stuff with DLJ, since he loves it so much. Also a pedicure with Mom and she will take us around Tohono Chul, a small craft and native nature type park where she works in the gift shop and as a docent. Plus Christmas, of course! It's going to be a busy batch of days, but I am really looking forward to relaxing in the desert again.

One of my favorite things…

is a stack of unread books. It was time for the yearly bonanza of book closeout buying:

0151004145B 1 The Cave Ordered $6.49

0786885912B 1 The Lobster Chronicles Ordered $3.00

0375501959B 1 Comfort Me With Apples Ordered $5.99

0060953020B 1 Pilgrim at Tinker Creek Ordered $4.99

0805051309A 1 The Debt to Pleasure Ordered $6.49

0345453514B 1 A Peanuts Christmas Ordered $6.75

0571962947B 1 Barbara Kingsolver (Threebies) Ordered $13.99

0446529001B 1 Shoot the Moon Ordered $5.99

0316353299B 1 Blue Highways Ordered $4.99


Coupon Disc:

You have saved $143.67 dollars on this order off retail price.

I got me some Pulitzers, a Nobel Prize, some paperback, some hardback, a book with all the Christmas-themed Peanuts cartoons, and the Barbara Kingsolver is three books in one, Pigs in Heaven, Prodigal Summer and… I forget the other. Homeland? Heartland?
I saw the author of The Lobster Chronicles speak once, and always wanted to read her first book. And I loved the previous Ruth Reichl, Growing up at the Table.

I will have A HUGE PILE OF BOOKS for less than $60 with shipping! That's the cost of like, 2.7 hardbacks!

It takes awhile to make an order like this, books just listed by alphabetical order, or author, except you never know what they will have. I always sit down with a window open to the store, and one to Amazon to check reader reviews.


desk move

One good thing, when we move, is I won't be next to a Howard Stern then rock music listening radio guy at work. It's not worth fighting it since I know we will move in a month or two. But you know, some of us DO have to do work all day, not just when customer support calls come in. Railing guitar and screaming laughing "morning show" buzz just isn't fun at a distance. I have my headphones, but I shouldn't have to use them in order to have a productive environment. Oh well, not a battle worth fighting when it's due to resolve itself.
Dinner last night was terrific. <lj user="synthcat"> brought delicious cookies, and I have brought two of them to work today, I don't know if I can wait until lunchtime! DLJ made a good veggie meatloaf, and I made a basic mushroom risotto and grilled broccoli. And then chocolate creme brulee to go with the yummy cookies. Everyone had a great time and after dinner we all sat in food comas downstairs watching the swirly graphics from iTunes on the television. During dinner the phone rang but I didn't get it; later I found it was a request for an emergency web page for the small biz site I'm building. I did it because I am nice, but it will set back the schedule a little, I couldn't do final tweaks like I wanted to as a result. That's tonight's job now.

Thanksgiving looks like it is just DLJ's Mom and Dad, and maybe his younger sister and her boyfriend. I hope so. She sent us Halloween pics from her party. Halloween for her friends and coworkers is a big event. Since she and so many others are The Simpsons creators, it's no suprise these parties are over the top every year with astounding costumes and creative decor. From the pictures it looked incredible! I think I also got my idea for a costume next year from it. With a whole year to plan and find fabric, this should be good.

So yes, Thanksgiving looks very small but fun this year. We will have it on Friday, actually, that was when it seemed best for his parents to get tickets. So Thanksgiving itself will be a prep day! Funny! I should do something fun with that day since so many will be busy and eating. Would be a good day to see a movie, perhaps.

productive already

Today I have made some beads, had breakfast (two slices honey wheat toast), auditioned for a part in a film which has smart, fast-moving zombie (and made sure I was signed to be an extra zombie if I don't get a part) and started water for pasta.