the house is ours again, DLJ's parents are back in the Bay Area. DLJ left at 4:30 am to drive them to the airport, the bed didn't sit right with me while he was gone. This irritated me. It wasn't that he was missing, somehow my back is used to the mattress with his weight buffering me up, or something, so I couldn't get comfortable. This was annoying; I wanted to sleep and I wanted to pretend to be single and sleep stretched out over the thing, and I tossed and turned instead.
Guess I really do need him around! ;) Hee hee.
We are watching gardening shows and I'm going to go to the glass studio when it gets a little warmer out. Good thing we finally cleared out the garage enough this week to move my car in, or there would have been ice to contend with at 4:30 am before he left. I say we, but it's really DLJ who has done a great job organzing the garage. The other car won't fit, the bikes are in that space, I'm not sure we could actually get both cars and both bikes in there, so for now the big blue monster suffers.
Yesterday we went to the Portland Museum with his parents and checked out the Edward Weston photography exhibit, went to Powell's, where I bought a book for my Dad for the holidays, a used copy of Ayn Rand's "Atlas Shrugged," which he wants to re-read. We went to the holiday lights at the Grotto on the east side. I am not a Christian religious type person, but the lights were wonderful, lots of trails and things to see, a petting zoo and puppet show for kids. Anyone with kids who reads me, take them there, even if you aren't into Jesus as your main squeeze, it's still a wonderful holiday event with carolers and music.
Then we had dinner at McGrath's Fish House, which we hadn't been to yet. Yum!!!!!! I had an oyster shooter, first raw oyster for about a year and a half. I am going to go back there for the oyster/champagne thing someday soon.
No more gardening shows, I hear DLJ with the XBox. Guess I will get dressed, pay a few bills, if I am brave I might go to Fred Meyer's to look for Durkees sauce for the turkey leftovers. It's so chilly though, I might use cranberry sauce instead today, work on my novel, read, and make some beads.
DLJ's birthday is next weekend, and I already have a gift for that. I am really looking forward to Christmas and not exchanging something with DLJ for that holiday. All the lists and buy this, buy that just isn't attractive to me this year. I'm making my gift for my sister in law, aunt, my aunt's partner and Mom. I'm just not part of the frenzy this year and no advertising is going to change that. DLJ jobhunting helps with this goal, it's easy to keep that in mind when it comes to non-commercial consumption. And we have goals for next year with the garden and yard, making a veggie garden, a small meditation type corner under the Japanese maple, and clearing out the last of the huge ivy invasion. I'd rather put the funds to that, and new plants and grasses and flowers.
I wish it was warm enough for a walk! Maybe with enough layers….

*edit* I went to the local store for bread for turkey sandwiches and there was the Durkees, right where I knew it would be. Mmmmm. All is right in the post-turkey-day world