shaded windows

The windows here are glazed, and the morning sun on the fiery trees looks gorgeous. The world through a tint is more comfortable than the real one where one squints.
I've been quiet. I've been busy. 2 Flash projects, one website that is inching along as I design and they respond. In the end, they've got 8 hours, roughly, of my time before the site goes over budget. I'm 1/4 done with that time, and soon I want to hand it over to DLJ to do code production while I supervise. This site is my priority right now, once I get the handoff I can go back to the other paid site's flash work. And the Flash for my friend's film is for free, but it's fun and should be done by the weekend.

I need to buy a screen door for the studio. Little buggies come in when the door is open, and it must be open when I'm torching, but not if I'm just fusing.

The sun outside went away, now the darkened windows carry only wind-tossed branches, all turned dark brown against the grey sky.

DLJ has sent out several resumes. It's good there's stuff out there to apply for. I voted last week.
Work is exceedingly busy and still full of swirls of change that no one understands yet. I've connected with the right people, said the right things, now I wait. It doesn't look that bad, the change is good overall, just not sure if it's good for ME. But I think so.

I think the colors in the sun were October, and these are the true colors of November. Pale blue/grey skies and browned leaves. It's a month for dimly colored teas to bring warmth back.

I made new friends last night. I think. I hope. More on that later. Time to put the nose down and work.