Sunday, Busy Sunday

Apologies to Bono for that title.

Yes, Dragavonne, I was up yesterday morning, I was already out of the house when you chatted me, that's why no answer.

Yesterday we picked up a friend who came out from the city to go to the special Thanksgiving Beaverton Farmer's Market, where we picked up fresh yams, onions, garlic, celery, sage, potatoes, broccoli and more, along with marionberry turnovers for breakfast, mmmmmm. I also bought my first farmer's market bacon, for my extremely guarded turkey recipe, since I am making the turkey this year. Thanksgiving has gone from 13-14 people to….4.
I ordered a fresh, free-range turkey that is on the smaller side, as we thought maybe we'd have 6 at most. I will pick it up Thanksgiving Day, since our actual dinner day is Friday, with DLJ's parents now flying up Thursday afternoon. My turkey recipe needs bacon. It also needs Wild Turkey and Gin, of which I have neither, so I will make a "run to the packy" and feel like I'm in college again. They don't call the liquor stores package stores out here…but I do and feel 22.

My friend and I then caught up on our Artist's Way chapters, and are back in the groove to meet in two weeks for our next chapter, with a Thanksgiving break. Then I helped DLJ rotate the tires on the car, raked the front lawn, installed the mesh screen door I bought online on the door to the glass studio, and made some beads, bug-free! Marvelous!

Last night, <lj user="synthcat"> called me and urged DLJ and I to go to the <a href="">Art Walk</a> today, and we are! I called my new friend <lj user="circumambulate"> to see if he and his lovely lady would want to come; I hinted at doing something earlier in the week but then dropped the ball on planning, so I was not surprised they were busy. It would have been fun but I am sure we will do something soon, despite my slothful way of being a social tease this past week. They are tiling, which is something I will want to talk to them about, we were ready to have our lower bathroom tiled, but put it on hold for a couple months while DLJ job searches, just to be conservative about it. If the laying out is easy, we could just hire someone to take up the old floor, and do the rest ourselves. Although some tile needs cutting, that added difficulty still might make it better to hire someone for the whole job to have it come out right.

I made a great dinner last night, if I do say so. Good recipe for polenta with mustard greens and crumbled sausage, very easy, took about the same time as boiling water and making pasta.

So we are going to go to the Original Pancake House for brunch, DLJ wants to try it, then off to the Art Walk. Maybe some beads when I get home.