Too much!

I made my coffee with too much coffee today. I haven't tasted it yet. I have switched to decaf during the week so the caffeine doesn't bother me in this, but I hope it's not overpowering!

DLJ has his interview today, please send him good vibes at 2 pm! It looks like a good company so I hope it is a job he would like to have, and that he does well.

Woo, that's some strong coffee. Also HOT.

Work on the small biz site is almost complete. I need to do tweaks on the first flash project, hopefully tonight.

I think there are movie plans on deck for Friday, cool! And things for Christmas in Tucson are shaping up, we will go to the Boneyard there with all the planes (see that part in Baraka with all the airplanes lined up in rows and rows and rows? That place) and the Titan Missile Museum, which my Dad says is cool. I can do a day of military stuff with DLJ, since he loves it so much. Also a pedicure with Mom and she will take us around Tohono Chul, a small craft and native nature type park where she works in the gift shop and as a docent. Plus Christmas, of course! It's going to be a busy batch of days, but I am really looking forward to relaxing in the desert again.