While all of you are done…

I'm just beginning my turkey. the carcass is in a stockpot, the rest is waiting in the fridge for a few hours. I dismantle my turkey before cooking it. Light and dark comes out perfect and the dark is braised for hours in a gin/bourbon braising liquid with other secret goodies.

DLJ went to the store with his Dad to get some syrup to make pancakes tomorrow. So we are buying a few grocery items on Buy Nothing Day… s'ok. We are staying clear of anything else.

I need more sleep, his Dad gets up a lot in the night and talks to himself all the time, so trips to the bathroom are conversations that wake me up.

I made some good glass beads yesterday. I'm starting to really nail the basics most times now.

Time to get dressed. It's foggy and chilly outside, but my turkey stock smells so warm and homey. And tonight there will be mashed potatoes, yams, homemade vanilla and pumpkin ice cream and marionberry pie. I miss the rest of the family, they are all down in the sun in CA at some swanky golf resort…but this is fun too, small Thanksgiving at home with DLJ's parents.