Our sofa bed is arriving this weekend! Assuming they can get it in the guest room, hope the corner to the hall isn't too cramped, etc, the customized job was worth the wait! I want guests to have a really good night's sleep, so it's worth a ten-week twiddling of thumbs.

Though the 4th wall STILL isn't dewallpapered and painted. I swore I wouldn't do it, and I won't. I'll paint the inside of the closet, tho.

It's almost a library/guestroom! We just need a nice reading lamp and we are set. I could move one of my bookshelves in there, I suppose. Will have to ponder where/how to place books. I really want it a usable room, we never go in there now, and won't unless there are yummy reading materials to beckon. Perhaps t hat is where all the magazines could go. The thought of a room for BOOKS is mindboggling! And yes, guests can stay there, too.