A few xmas pics

Before the year is out.

<img src="http://www.lunesse.com/img/azxmas2005/azxmas.jpg">
I saw this one on a walk, seemed to perfectly sum it all up.

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<img src="http://www.lunesse.com/img/azxmas2005/lunyped.jpg">
My first-time pedicured toes with the Catalinas in the background, sitting in the hammock.

<img src="http://www.lunesse.com/img/azxmas2005/rentshaus.jpg">

My parents' house, Christmas Day Eve. I was waiting for the holiday lights to come on, but right after I took this my aunt drove up.

<img src="http://www.lunesse.com/img/azxmas2005/dljxmasedve.jpg">
DLJ enjoying a glass of wine Christmas Eve.

More in the New Year!

Plan upgrade

Going out to dinner first with small group of friends, then back home for fire, champagne, movies. I think I will be having my kir royales instead of straight champagne. And then it's the weekend, the long version, I get Monday off.


I'm at work in a room that holds hundreds, and I'm almost alone. There have to be less than five of us in here, and I'm the only one from my dept. I've been scanning print samples from a contest we had, after that I need to write the newsletters for next week. Ah, design, code, and copy writing/editing. Does this mean I can put this on my resume now as a skill now actually used for professional work?

DLJ is sick, I'm recovering, so it looks like a quiet NYE for us. He is going to rent some movies, I already bought champagne, we will get the fire going and snuggle in with the cats. I'll make stir fry for dinner.

One of the print sample winners is a printing company, and they included a 75th family reunion cookbook from a family. It is really friggin' cool. Each recipe says who contributed it, and what their relation to the family tree is. Plus, some recipes look good! Neat idea!

We did a light workout at the gym since we are slightly illin'. You know, I never say much about current events in my journal, I never have and don't really know if I will. I will say that last night, on the elliptical machine, in a warm building just feet from the water fountain, watching the news on the tvs hung before us was very difficult. I really didn't think I should be there watching this suffering as I burned calories…but we always do this. Always. Someone is always suffering, in pain, scared, living in horror while others throw dice in Monte Carlo. I'm not sure how we stand it. But we do. And that's all you will hear from me on this.

I feel like making breakfast food. Maybe I will get some eggs and make schmancy omelettes. I had eggs for breakfast; I forgot, until visiting my parents, how easy it is to make scrambled eggs in the microwave. I so rarely cook in that thing, I forget the things you can do!

Happy New Year, I guess. I never was a big lover of this holiday. Spend it safely with friends and family. Or make new friends. Life carries on.


I'm coughing, I think I have a small cold. Folks were sick last week. My mom worries it was her, as she was sick a little while we visited, but I think this is from late last week instead. But now DLJ is feeling it today, and so I'm sure I'm to blame for that one.
He might be visiting CA in a few weeks, to see his parents. I think this is a good thing. He would fly on his Dad's free passes, which is why it's fine for him to go. His dad is 85 now, and one of my best friend's fathers died a few days ago…I know DLJ is feeling the "too close for comfort" vibe from that. So, probably some time in January, during the week.

I read up on square foot gardening, and started my urban garden book (thanks, Spike!) at the same time. I am going to probably work both at the same time, square foot in the veggie section, or at least in the raised bed at the back of the yard, and mixing it up in my container garden by the deck. Plans, plans! I will have to start perusing seed catalogs to create a strategy soon, once I have a rough idea of what I want in general.

Last night I started reading the Buddhist writing I downloaded on meditation and everyday life. Sure as before, before too long I saw the rules, no eating meat, no taking what is not yours, and not taking in intoxicants that alter the mind. But this time I naughtily just read on ahead. I will have my practicing of achieving attention, and my red wine too, dammit! Stopping everything just because of that is just silly, and I won't put up with it from myself! The larger picture is important here, letting go, less stress, more mindfullness and awareness.

When I woke up the heat was on, just as scheduled. I love this thermostat already! It went down last night around 10, and when I woke it wasn't freezing! Whee!

To work, to work.


So I get a comment in my previous entry about foot by foot gardening, then I open my mail from while we were gone and a friend sent me a garden book! And it's about urban gardening, and just gardening everything together in one spot, with some strategy and rules, of course. But how radically different in the span of two hours!
Both have their appeal. Will have to read the book and explore further.

Already, so much to do

I think my aunt and her partner really liked their necklaces; when we went to my aunt's house a couple days after Christmas, the latter was wearing the "Fall" one. It was a kick to see someone wearing something I made!
But now I'm back, and have to hit the ground running. My parents gave me, along with the domestic gift of wonder known as an "automatic, programmable thermostat," a $100 cert. at Bullseye. The thermostat was an "us" gift and I think will really help with the heating bills! And the glass…I am going to wait until their big sale in January to buy, but I would like to get my first mold, another shelf, maybe some larger mashers, and then sheet glass. Meanwhile, I need to start planning three other necklace requests. Then I need to practice smaller tiles, before graduating to larger ones for a friend. Smaller simply to use less glass in case of screw ups until mastered.

Tonight, though, I'm just redoing my one shelf with kiln wash. It's going to get SOOOO cold this weekend, in the 30's. I don't know how I will stay in there with my little heater. It makes the glass harder to work with, as well! Probably my best bet is to try to churn out some beads that I know I need, then once it gets cold switch to fusing work until the weather behaves!

I have other things to do, like start planning the garden, and learning about soil, we need to prep all that first before planting a single seed. I've given up on the guestroom/library getting completed, in terms of the last of wallpaper removal, so I will probably just do it myself in January, and paint. We have had some art donated by relatives, and it will just bug me to have that room almost finished…but not quite. It needs better task lighting for reading, but that can wait.

The kitties are so happy we are home. One not-so-great task will be transforming one into an outdoor kitty. That means it will live in my glass studio, not the best thing but so it goes, for now. We will need to cut a door in there for a cat, figure where the bed will be, and get a heated bed pad for it for those cold nights. I worry the food will draw critters, but hopefully only the cat will fit/understand the cat door, which does "stick" when closed unless pushed with intent.

That's the news for now, time for tea and to work on another graphical ad.

edit: I have hiccups.

home again, home again…

jiggity jig.

Mom says she watched our plane on the flight tracker and we went through some storms, which would explain the horrid turbulence. I was scared during some of it and just wanted to be on the ground!

By the way, I never see people puke at airports but on the way to my parents I saw a little girl, then on the way home I went to throw my gum in a garbage can and a woman went there right in front of me and leaned over. That one I didn't actually see, since I immediately changed direction for another garbage can.
Anyway. Home. And I'm an hour off, my ears are still a little plugged, so beddy bye for me.

I'll try to get some photos sorted tomrrow after work.

mmm sun

It's a beautiful day in Tucson, and we are off to the airport in about 20 minutes. I laid in the hammock this morning in the sun, watching the mountains and the plants moving in the slight breeze. Fun, fun trip. More when I get home, now I have to just get through two more plane flights.
It's been nice having sunny, warmer weather. Good for looking at planes at the Pima Air Museum, seeing my aunt's house in Green Valley, laying in the hammock and relaxing. We hot tubbed on the full moon, I took lots of photos, we wandered around the Tohono Chul gardens where my Mom volunteers. DLJ got snared into helping Dad switch to Comcast, which is ok, but they spent alot of time on it and I wanted to relax more our last night together, all four of us. But I'm sure DLJ scored points with the Dad-in-law for his efforts. Now it's home to our kitties, grey skies, and work. But that's ok, it's always good to be home. Thanks, Mom and Dad!

My gift from the in-laws

We all put our names in a hat, and get one person to get a gift for. I sent my gift out to my recipient earlier in the week. Mine came in the mail yesterday so I opened it just now before leaving.

Oh my! I thought by the size it was a Get Fuzzy Calendar a day. I was WRONG!

It's the Duran Duran Singles collection, 1986-1995! I now have "Burning the Ground" on CD? I can breathe relief at not having to play my precious vinyl copy? Serious immediate ipod loading for the plane!!!!! This will make my flight fun!

Flying out this afternoon. Man I hate flying! I wish I didn't! Hopefully I will be able to elbow my way into a bar and get a glass or two of red wine before taking off.
I have $30 in Starbucks money from various gifties around the office. I rarely buy coffee drinks so this should last me for months. Someone has holiday music on at work, I can hear the Peanuts song "Christmas Time is Here," kinda nice though maybe not at work. Sitting right next to the call center is trying sometimes. Oh GOD! It switched to the Paul McCartney Christmas song which I loathe!!!! IAG%$#$^2.
So, some days in the desert. Good stuff. Hot tubbin' and watching the stars against the mountains. Pedicure, my first ever. Visiting my aunt and seeing her small, new house and the small pond she made in the backyard with my Dad's help. I wish we could stay a week, but I'm lucky that I have worked long enough to get paid time off through my agency; a 3.5 day jaunt will suffice.
Though part of me would love that time to hang out in the glass studio. ;) I scraped my kilnshelf clean last night, when I get back I will recoat it in kiln wash, cook it, and be ready to go again.
Almost New Year's time, too, huh. Not one of my favorite holidays. I don't like large crowds of people forcing themselves to be happy, get drunk, sick, stumble home. I think we will spend it at home.

Here are my New Year's Resolutions for 2005:

-participate in the Open Studios type weekend that happens in October in my town.
-Work onsite at a Habitat for Humanity house. Women tend not to be the ones building, but that is what I want to do.
-further work on my backing out of the consumer culture to a level I am more comfortable, and happy with. This also means a lot of work on letting go of stress, and learning how to lessen it.

I hate flying. See everyone next week, right? RIGHT? I'll be fine. =)