5 in…wait

5 pendants in the kiln, and I'm sure it will tell me "fired too long." Again. According to the manual this happens when the kiln does not fire faster than 27 degrees in an hour (definitely not the problem) or runs 4 hours longer than the program time. That's the problem. I really think it's too insulated for it's own good, for the program I'm trying to run. Just doesn't cool down fast enough. I think I'll call Paragon next week and see what they have to say. It's not a big problem, I just need to sort out how to manipulate my program to achieve the desired result. But that is kind of hard when things turn out how I expect….so the "too long" doesn't ACT like too long. Oy.

Drinks and fun tonight. Looking forward to it. Time to make one more necklace, box it up, and send both out into the world. One for my friend, one for my relative for Christmas.