Already, so much to do

I think my aunt and her partner really liked their necklaces; when we went to my aunt's house a couple days after Christmas, the latter was wearing the "Fall" one. It was a kick to see someone wearing something I made!
But now I'm back, and have to hit the ground running. My parents gave me, along with the domestic gift of wonder known as an "automatic, programmable thermostat," a $100 cert. at Bullseye. The thermostat was an "us" gift and I think will really help with the heating bills! And the glass…I am going to wait until their big sale in January to buy, but I would like to get my first mold, another shelf, maybe some larger mashers, and then sheet glass. Meanwhile, I need to start planning three other necklace requests. Then I need to practice smaller tiles, before graduating to larger ones for a friend. Smaller simply to use less glass in case of screw ups until mastered.

Tonight, though, I'm just redoing my one shelf with kiln wash. It's going to get SOOOO cold this weekend, in the 30's. I don't know how I will stay in there with my little heater. It makes the glass harder to work with, as well! Probably my best bet is to try to churn out some beads that I know I need, then once it gets cold switch to fusing work until the weather behaves!

I have other things to do, like start planning the garden, and learning about soil, we need to prep all that first before planting a single seed. I've given up on the guestroom/library getting completed, in terms of the last of wallpaper removal, so I will probably just do it myself in January, and paint. We have had some art donated by relatives, and it will just bug me to have that room almost finished…but not quite. It needs better task lighting for reading, but that can wait.

The kitties are so happy we are home. One not-so-great task will be transforming one into an outdoor kitty. That means it will live in my glass studio, not the best thing but so it goes, for now. We will need to cut a door in there for a cat, figure where the bed will be, and get a heated bed pad for it for those cold nights. I worry the food will draw critters, but hopefully only the cat will fit/understand the cat door, which does "stick" when closed unless pushed with intent.

That's the news for now, time for tea and to work on another graphical ad.

edit: I have hiccups.