and yet more bills

Our third cat is sick now, with a bad flu, and has been at the vet since Friday. Should be around $350-$400 by the time she comes home. Great. What ELSE? REALLY, WHAT. ELSE? Dental work now shoved off to next year. I still have my appt. a week from tomorrow. We should return the lamps we bought back in the summer that didn't come in until now. We would like them, but…they aren't neccesary and would pay off the cat bills. :/

I am tired from 21 hours of glass work in three days, but delighted. I have learned SO much about how to use the torch with fused projects. I have lots of goodies I made to use in the future, and the knowledge and notes to make them all again and again. Up this week: coasters for my sis in law, stringing two necklaces, one for my aunt and one for her partner. My commissioned piece is completed and now I just need to show my client the finished work in a photo tomorrow, so that he can offer up a price for it. Yep, casual, but it's a good friend. I will give him a minimum. <lj user="soulfulspirit"> will be happy to know I went shopping at Bullseye with the "make Luny better at glass" money she donated even through my protests for whatever freebie beads she desired. I now have a 20% discount on glass through the beginning of March. I should be able to save up here and there to make use of it at least once before it goes away. I bought new rods today and some silver foil, something to play with down after I procure a small tool from a craft store to enhance it with.

Tomorrow I get to go pick up my stuff mid-day. I also talked to my teacher about websites, she needs one. I told her we should talk, and she agreed. Must make a list of urls for her to see of my work.

This week:
Complete coasters. Complete necklaces. 4 hours work on Thomas's site. Get zipper fixed on pants. Clean office. Try to give some stuff away on Freecycle so I can start looking for an old rug on there for my studio floor.

Oh man. I totally SUCK. Ticketmaster sent me the password for Duran advance sale at San Jose and I didn't check my yahoo mail until now. There are folks I REALLY wanted to help out! (it was WOLF) DAMMIT.

Positive thing to say about today, to keep spirits up: I could see both St. Helens and Mt. Hood on the way to class, snow covered and silent. Beautiful.