I'm coughing, I think I have a small cold. Folks were sick last week. My mom worries it was her, as she was sick a little while we visited, but I think this is from late last week instead. But now DLJ is feeling it today, and so I'm sure I'm to blame for that one.
He might be visiting CA in a few weeks, to see his parents. I think this is a good thing. He would fly on his Dad's free passes, which is why it's fine for him to go. His dad is 85 now, and one of my best friend's fathers died a few days ago…I know DLJ is feeling the "too close for comfort" vibe from that. So, probably some time in January, during the week.

I read up on square foot gardening, and started my urban garden book (thanks, Spike!) at the same time. I am going to probably work both at the same time, square foot in the veggie section, or at least in the raised bed at the back of the yard, and mixing it up in my container garden by the deck. Plans, plans! I will have to start perusing seed catalogs to create a strategy soon, once I have a rough idea of what I want in general.

Last night I started reading the Buddhist writing I downloaded on meditation and everyday life. Sure as before, before too long I saw the rules, no eating meat, no taking what is not yours, and not taking in intoxicants that alter the mind. But this time I naughtily just read on ahead. I will have my practicing of achieving attention, and my red wine too, dammit! Stopping everything just because of that is just silly, and I won't put up with it from myself! The larger picture is important here, letting go, less stress, more mindfullness and awareness.

When I woke up the heat was on, just as scheduled. I love this thermostat already! It went down last night around 10, and when I woke it wasn't freezing! Whee!

To work, to work.