fuse results

same thing as last time, the kiln threw an error, "fired too long." I think the heat just doesn't go away as fast as the program schedule expects it to, when it's at rest. This morning when I opened it, more than 12 hours after I had started the sequence, it was still at 150 degrees. This is "learning your kiln" thing I must do. I need to hit the temperature I did for a full fuse, but it's coming back down too slow, I guess. So…hm. I can't make it go down any faster than "as fast as possible," but maybe I can quicken the drop in the regulated drop. When I drop the beads down from their high temp, I never get this error, but that glass never goes as high as fused in the first place. Maybe I will try getting it down to the "bead anneal" temp and then follow the bead program and just see if the stressors crack the sheet glass in that program. I used the exact schedule we used in class, but this is a smaller kiln. Need to double up my sheets of glass, I think, or at least start out with the thick stuff. Next time I will stack two thins, do the same design, and see what happens. Learning, it's all learning! =)

I think I might write or call my instructor too, to see if they have any pointers with the smaller kiln, which I know they use as well.