http://www.juiceglass.com is live. It has a few tweaks to be done and I have many more photos to put in the gallery, which seems to have it's own tempermental issues with some browsers. However, just hitting refresh on everything but IE on Mac seems to solve the issue, if it's even there in the first place. It's very light on content right now, but I'm happy. I need to get the other gallery sections built out, but mostly, add more photos!

I have some light housekeeping to do on it, but it's nice to have it out there, finally.

Now to just keep building it out, start the store in the background as I learn how to deal with it and a database, and just keep adding… STUFF. And fix all the bugs.

All necklaces are now complete. I will take pictures tomorrow, and put them in the necklace gallery! whee!

<a href="http://www.juiceglass.com">juiceglass</a>. Take a sip!