Oregon is home more than I thought.

Yesterday I went on a trip to a biz meeting in Hood River, Oregon, further east than I had gone before in the state.The town reminded me of Northern Exposure, small, cute, snug, but right on the Columbia River. In the summer, it's jammed with windsurfers, something I keep reminding <a href="http://www.thomasdolby.com">Thomas</a> of in my attempts to get him to come up and visit.
It was lovely. If I were single and fed up with city life, I'd look into seeing if I could do small townsville there. But it's a great place to visit and I look foward to going back in Spring to see the apple orchards blossom. The meeting went well, and we walked up the main street to the 3 Rivers for lunch. It's a small enough town that it shuts down in winter to a degree, but it's toting itself as a ski town, so that might change a little over time.
The ride to and from was very nice in a coworker's tricked out Mercedes, the waterfalls were flowing and the sky was clear enough to allow the brilliant greens of the moss and trees to pop off the rocks.
When I got home, I went to Home Depot to check on something for the holidays, and talked to my Mom in the parking lot on my phone. I told her I had gone to Hood River that day. "Did you say hi to all your relatives?"

Aren't I the trailblazer to Oregon for this family?
Apparently not.
George T. Prather, from whose line sprung my Dad's mother, was one of the first settlers of Hood River, one of the first postmasters, and started the first paper, the <i>Glacier</i>. Mom says he was the first white guy to get married in Hood River, but I can't verify that. The current paper, the <i>Hood River News</i>, calls the <i>Glacier</i> it's predecessor.
I guess if I ever decide to relocate to Hood River it will give me street cred against all the tourists and recent arrivals. And it shows, maybe, where the writing/journalism bug came from!
Neat. It's nice to live somewhere with family history, especially history that is a complete suprise, in such a neat little town.
Yo, Prather, good to meet ya. You sound like a cool guy, postmaster and paper -startup man. I will have to do more research and see if I can find out more.
All around neato! In terms of settling down roots, this makes me feel a lot more at home and connected to this newish state of mine.