what's in a name

Now that my glass site is up, I need to figure how much I want to link my online persona, which I have had since 1991, with my art site. This has never been an issue before, but then, I've never made something I might ever want to sell online before.

I've been Lunesse since college. It has always been how I refer to myself online. My sites never have my real name. Ever.

But my glass is different. I want to be who I am with my glass. Aligning it with "Lunesse" seems strange to me, and I couldn't tell you why. On the other hand, ousting myself with my real name means that anything Lunesse will never connect up with the glass site. I DO know that I don't want to link my name to the online persona, that has always been something I have not wanted. So either Lunesse embraces the glass and takes it as well, meaning the glass site will refer to me as Lunesse, or it won't, and never the twain shall meet, except maybe for live journal entries to friends. This is limiting, as far as marketing goes. It would be easier to just use Lunesse everywhere as I always have. But I don't want to be "Lunesse" when I sell something. I'm not even sure why. I think I just want people who one day will (hopefully) trade me money or other things for my art to know my name. Some sort of trust, thing, maybe?


Thoughts? Ideas? What have you done?


I made two necklaces for gifts this year one was Fall and one was Spring.
This one was Spring, and my first playing with silver foil. In a structured way. I will have to try it free form on beads when I get back from AZ.

<img src="http://www.juiceglass.com/gallery/images/med/7.jpg">

p.s. Happy Solstice, everyone!


http://www.juiceglass.com is live. It has a few tweaks to be done and I have many more photos to put in the gallery, which seems to have it's own tempermental issues with some browsers. However, just hitting refresh on everything but IE on Mac seems to solve the issue, if it's even there in the first place. It's very light on content right now, but I'm happy. I need to get the other gallery sections built out, but mostly, add more photos!

I have some light housekeeping to do on it, but it's nice to have it out there, finally.

Now to just keep building it out, start the store in the background as I learn how to deal with it and a database, and just keep adding… STUFF. And fix all the bugs.

All necklaces are now complete. I will take pictures tomorrow, and put them in the necklace gallery! whee!

<a href="http://www.juiceglass.com">juiceglass</a>. Take a sip!

Woo hoo.

It worked! Venting allowed the program to finish blinking "CPLT" instead of "FTL."

I didn't overlap glass well enough on a pendant so the hole for the cord did not appear, so I'm making 4 more now, and hope for better luck. The pendants that need to be mailed ARE done, so those can go, and I can keep trying on the one for my aunt until Wednesday. The foil part worked GREAT however, pics tonight, I'll take a picture of the incomplete one at the least.

Last night I went to a wonderful little shindig at <lj user="soulfulspirit"> and <lj user="estepp">'s place. A small gathering of fun and hot buttered rum! Oh, I have never had that before it was evil, evil, evil!!!!

DLJ had a migraine threatening, so he stayed home. I tumbled into bed around 12:15, after hours of discussion, chocolate, petting cats and warm fuzzies of hanging out with local friends. More of that before we go to Arizona, with <lj user="synthcat"> next week. Now, time to put one necklace together, leaving one remaining to complete, take pics for the online gallery at my website of glass stuff, work on the Flash for that, pack up the two necklaces to go, and clean the office. And go to the grocery to get stuff for dinner/lunches.


5 in…wait

5 pendants in the kiln, and I'm sure it will tell me "fired too long." Again. According to the manual this happens when the kiln does not fire faster than 27 degrees in an hour (definitely not the problem) or runs 4 hours longer than the program time. That's the problem. I really think it's too insulated for it's own good, for the program I'm trying to run. Just doesn't cool down fast enough. I think I'll call Paragon next week and see what they have to say. It's not a big problem, I just need to sort out how to manipulate my program to achieve the desired result. But that is kind of hard when things turn out how I expect….so the "too long" doesn't ACT like too long. Oy.

Drinks and fun tonight. Looking forward to it. Time to make one more necklace, box it up, and send both out into the world. One for my friend, one for my relative for Christmas.

One more for the road…

Another reference tile. Steel Blue does fun things in the kiln, and you can use it to your advantage by blocking parts from the heat, so that it doesn't go matte grey. =)

<img src="http://www.juiceglass.com/images/fused/steelbluetile500.jpg">
dots and swirls

Good Morning! Happy Friday!

picture tile

We had to make a tile of something recognizable, using all the elements we learned to make in class.

Here is mine. Love the tiki torches, man. The moon was a last minute addition.

I almost use a light blue back color, and I am so glad I switched to black.

<img src="http://www.juiceglass.com/images/fused/tikitorchtile500.jpg">
Tiki Night

fuse results

same thing as last time, the kiln threw an error, "fired too long." I think the heat just doesn't go away as fast as the program schedule expects it to, when it's at rest. This morning when I opened it, more than 12 hours after I had started the sequence, it was still at 150 degrees. This is "learning your kiln" thing I must do. I need to hit the temperature I did for a full fuse, but it's coming back down too slow, I guess. So…hm. I can't make it go down any faster than "as fast as possible," but maybe I can quicken the drop in the regulated drop. When I drop the beads down from their high temp, I never get this error, but that glass never goes as high as fused in the first place. Maybe I will try getting it down to the "bead anneal" temp and then follow the bead program and just see if the stressors crack the sheet glass in that program. I used the exact schedule we used in class, but this is a smaller kiln. Need to double up my sheets of glass, I think, or at least start out with the thick stuff. Next time I will stack two thins, do the same design, and see what happens. Learning, it's all learning! =)

I think I might write or call my instructor too, to see if they have any pointers with the smaller kiln, which I know they use as well.

Fused plate – my first

The culmination of my class projects this past weekend. More to come, smaller things we made, but this was the main event.

<img src="http://www.juiceglass.com/images/fused/orangeplate500.jpg">
9" x 9" Fused plate

This is friends-only for now until Christmas, since I'm giving it to my Mom. =)