I'm at work in a room that holds hundreds, and I'm almost alone. There have to be less than five of us in here, and I'm the only one from my dept. I've been scanning print samples from a contest we had, after that I need to write the newsletters for next week. Ah, design, code, and copy writing/editing. Does this mean I can put this on my resume now as a skill now actually used for professional work?

DLJ is sick, I'm recovering, so it looks like a quiet NYE for us. He is going to rent some movies, I already bought champagne, we will get the fire going and snuggle in with the cats. I'll make stir fry for dinner.

One of the print sample winners is a printing company, and they included a 75th family reunion cookbook from a family. It is really friggin' cool. Each recipe says who contributed it, and what their relation to the family tree is. Plus, some recipes look good! Neat idea!

We did a light workout at the gym since we are slightly illin'. You know, I never say much about current events in my journal, I never have and don't really know if I will. I will say that last night, on the elliptical machine, in a warm building just feet from the water fountain, watching the news on the tvs hung before us was very difficult. I really didn't think I should be there watching this suffering as I burned calories…but we always do this. Always. Someone is always suffering, in pain, scared, living in horror while others throw dice in Monte Carlo. I'm not sure how we stand it. But we do. And that's all you will hear from me on this.

I feel like making breakfast food. Maybe I will get some eggs and make schmancy omelettes. I had eggs for breakfast; I forgot, until visiting my parents, how easy it is to make scrambled eggs in the microwave. I so rarely cook in that thing, I forget the things you can do!

Happy New Year, I guess. I never was a big lover of this holiday. Spend it safely with friends and family. Or make new friends. Life carries on.