snarky grumpy morning comment

ok, chick in the duran community we GET that you were in the VH1 special. We understand, as you have mentioned it many, many, many times. We are happy for you. Now can we move on? You are so last week.

This comment brought by not having enough coffee and being too comfortable with media/interviews/music from being a newspaper entertainment editor for four years.

How bitchy of me.

I returned our lamps. That, plus a small windfall from a birthday present for DLJ that came late will make the cat bill managable. The vet was nice and also broke it up over the next two months.

Sorry I'm such a cranky pants. Lots of folks have larger problems. It's a lack of control thing, and lack of control always makes me upset. Like flying next week. Like watching money go places I didn't put it. I will be really happy when the last of this debt is paid. Maybe then I can feel like DLJ and I are a team again, working together. He's been really terrific these past months to fix things, but until it stops looming as a reminder of forces working against me…I'm not at peace.

I need a girl night out for a hot toddy and gossip. Anyone?