ups and downs

Life is middlin' these days. Glass is wonderful, books are wonderful, work is good, provided the changes next week don't cause me any problems, rain is lovely.
On the other hand, tensions are fizzing with DLJ, I'm tired of the way I feel about some things, and the cats, one of them at least, are still peeing in the house. That last one, I've had it. I really have. When we are gone for the holidays, they all will be in the garage the entire time, not in the house. When we get back, someone starts staying out side, with a door into my glass studio so they can go inside and I'll put a bed in there. Don't know which one first, but we will just try one and see if the problem stops, if not, switch cats. But no more. I don't want to be in my home like this, it ruins my mood and makes me unhappy in my space. I was itching to get out and to work this morning. When I get home I have glass work to do on my commission, so I will be in there, holed up for a while.
So it's been good times, but not the best of times. I'm not sure how it will all shake out, I guess I just live and see where things go, how they improve, or change. I"m happy, and I'm not. Content and unfulfilled. Certain of somethings and completely unsure of others. Time will hold the answers.
Last night was very pleasant. DLJ and I met up with <lj user=circumambulate> and his lovely wife to see Portland Taiko perform at the Tigard library. I have never seen taiko before and this was a specially geared performance for a library and kids, which made it interesting, informative and different than seeing a full-on performance on a formal stage. Neat! We went to a bar afterwards, smoky and dim, where we got to know each other a little better. I had met them before, but DLJ hadn't and we are thrilled in that particular suburbanite way to find a couple near us that we enjoy being with. Houses are different; you know you are likely to stay for years to come, with less turnover of folks around you. A small hive of friends is important to me to have now that I have truly put down deep roots. Upon returning from the bar I requested a tour of their home, since they bought theirs right around the time we bought ours. It was neat to see how much they've done to make the space theirs.
Then it was home again, and I found the cat pee, so the rest of the night was immediately a wash as I took a shower, read a little and went to bed with no desire to communicate or be a part of anything having to do with home. This will be the state of it, until things change. I am truly done with this.