Woo hoo.

It worked! Venting allowed the program to finish blinking "CPLT" instead of "FTL."

I didn't overlap glass well enough on a pendant so the hole for the cord did not appear, so I'm making 4 more now, and hope for better luck. The pendants that need to be mailed ARE done, so those can go, and I can keep trying on the one for my aunt until Wednesday. The foil part worked GREAT however, pics tonight, I'll take a picture of the incomplete one at the least.

Last night I went to a wonderful little shindig at <lj user="soulfulspirit"> and <lj user="estepp">'s place. A small gathering of fun and hot buttered rum! Oh, I have never had that before it was evil, evil, evil!!!!

DLJ had a migraine threatening, so he stayed home. I tumbled into bed around 12:15, after hours of discussion, chocolate, petting cats and warm fuzzies of hanging out with local friends. More of that before we go to Arizona, with <lj user="synthcat"> next week. Now, time to put one necklace together, leaving one remaining to complete, take pics for the online gallery at my website of glass stuff, work on the Flash for that, pack up the two necklaces to go, and clean the office. And go to the grocery to get stuff for dinner/lunches.