round 2

is over. DLJ thinks it went well. They said they would be checking his references. He feels there is more to come, and that there might be others still in the running, but has no concrete reason why he thinks this. Still, reference checking will be fine, and he has several letters of recommendation on line for them to see. I hope he gets it. But even if not, he still should be very proud for coming so far. =)

Off to make dinner. And yes, all the suspense of this is driving me C R A Z Y.

linkie linkie

I think is ready to be linked, by the way. A search on google for "juiceglass" puts me on the second page, while my mentioning it in my LJ is on the front! And a guy with a blog who hasn't updated in over a year is on top.

My point is, if you like my stuff, and have a webpage where you list your friends or links you like, consider adding <i>juiceglass</i>, if you like what's there, of course. The more others link to it as a glass site, the more search engines will recognize it. If you are an artist, let me know you have linked, and give me your site back. The site is still being built out and a page linking to other artists of any medium will be live soon.

Thanks, friends!


They announced the new 17" g4's today. 20G more hard drive space running faster, faster cpu, more video ram, wider system BUS, optical digital audio in/out and best of all, all for less money than the old one!

DLJ checked my order and yup, I got rolled over into the new one, as did my price, so now we pay less, and it ships Wednesday. Now we get why there was a delay on that model!

It will be so nice to be able to open files again without having time to freaking make tea or something while I wait.

DLJ's interview, round 2, is today at 3. Thanks for the good thoughts last time, if you have a chance, send him some more this afternoon! He got a new shirt and tie to wear, sassy!

I am homeowner, hear me roar!

DLJ just weeded the beds in back, and I trimmed the tree in front with our big tree-trimmer thingy with the rope you pull on. There's branches too high for me without a ladder, we will do that some other weekend. but I rained lots of branches and water spout things down, the tall straight things that go straight up. More glass is going in the kiln, tonight I will clean and sort them, and later I will write my newsletter. It's a sunny Sunday and life is good.


Good day so far. DLJ and I went into Portland and saw a matinee of "The House of Flying Daggers." Pretty. Nice to have so many different plant zones so close. "Look, we are walking amongst birches! Look, now it's a sea of bamboo! Look! A decidious forest of green, yet now it is Fall within 100 yards!" I liked it, but I think I liked "Hero" better. Time to go out to the studio and skip the kiln forward a step. I made many hearts. My sludge is getting icky, so after the movie we went to Bullseye and I got more Sludge as well as some long tweezers, which I really need to keep my hands away from the flame. dinner soon, DLJ is playing Halo2. I want to just curl up and read tonight.

Also, I went out and checked the planter box and the area where the ivy used to be. My bulbs have poked through! Little green sprouts.

This little iBook has crashed from kernel panic 4 times in the past week. We have given up. DLJ gets a huge discount as an Apple developer so…there's a Powerbook 17" G4 being born soon for me. I think the Apple site said 7-10 days. DLJ is going to take this one and totally wipe it, and maybe then it will survive and live again. I really wanted this machine to make it a few more months. But it's not going to. And I need it to work for me, design work and web work at home is horrible. It takes 45 seconds to open a file in Photoshop. Forget it! I feel better about this though, with the lack of spending on other things. I use my computer for communication and fun, but also as a supplemental vehicle for financial livelihood. It needs to work.

Time for leftovers!

It's Friday!

I am home from a good, productive week at work. I just went out to the studio and dipped my mandrels, I forgot to get more sludge at the glass sale a couple weeks ago, so I will have to go back. Maybe this weekend, as I really need more. I'll probably end up getting a few rods of that delicious blue I made my heart with last week. I will most likely go in the studio tomorrow, and maybe Sunday. I have some fused pendants waiting around to be fired, I need to do that, too. Since they are already laid up, it won't take but ten minutes at most.
DLJ got the ingredients for dinner and I'll start cooking in about a half hour. It has beef. I haven't cooked red meat at home in over a year, probably. I just don't eat that much of it. But the dinner he picked out looks good.
So, that's the news! We are both waiting to see how his second interview plays out next Monday.

watch me bleed

I ordered a <a href="">DivaCup</a>. Considering I saved tampons in water jars in college to then feed the water to my plants….this will be a snap.

And that's my TMI post for the evening.


<a href="">
Watch it. It loops. I love the internet.

<lj user="writergeekgirl"> gets thanks for this!

cruisin', a duranie with no shame

I am cruising through a bunch of graphics. Rotate, size, levels, sharpen, layer style. My ears are full of Duran's "What Happens Tomorrow," cranked through my phones with the Itunes making pretty designs. I love my job.

Emails are starting to come in about the concert. <lj user="synthcat"> should be getting his tix in a matter of weeks. Me, I don't get them in the mail, but at the pre-party, location as of yet undisclosed. My initial email said we should show up 1.5 hours before showtime. I wish I had a gazillion dollars and could have brought ol's synthcat along with me. He deserves a front of the house experience, and I will definitely be wishing he could be with me up front.

I am going to explode to bits at that thing. Take this song, multiply the volume and depth, and throw Simon right in front of me with the rest of the Fab Five bouncing along behind him…I'm just going to melt. I've waited 20 years to see all of them, and I'm doing it in style, as I promised myself I would long ago. It's going to be better than almost any Duran event in my life previously. Even the hug/motorcycle conversation/watching Simon squeeze his nuts as a visual aid to a motorcycle accident day, or the 16 years old Roseland Ballroom show in NYC where I came out with a band member's Evian bottle and my skirt turned around backwards. Or the drunken, hanging-out-of-a-limo trip down to San Jose in tandem with the next stop in Sacramento. Or the hanging with John backstage at Slim's, or wandering around backstage at the Concord Pavilion, finally getting a shot of DLJ and Simon together (enough people have said, without my prompting, "DLJ, did you know you look like Simon LeBon" that I know it's NOT JUST ME that sees it.)

In the end, it always really WAS about the music. It's going to be so fun, but the anticipation is almost as exciting.

"hole" indeed

I know today is some Rabbit Hole day thing on LJ, but I want to write about something else.
Today is also the 60th anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz. The rabbit hole is a fun idea, but…this is more important to me than escaping into a made-up world. The real world needs to be looked at today.

When I backpacked through Europe in the summer of '95, I spent weeks riding trains, walking, and exploring new cities, smells, tastes, and people. My traveling partner, Paolo, was a geek for art and architecture, and we spent many hours in various churches, staring at murals, marble and other marvels. Only once did Paolo weaken, touching a mural painted by a master, against all rules. "I couldn't help it!" he whined over beers and dinner. We ate sparsely, saving our money for the public transit of Paris, Barcelona, Munich, Rome, Florence and beyond. We met other people from around the world. Long time readers know I had a whirlwind romance on this trip with a gorgeous boy from New Zealand. That happened in Munich. Indeed, Munich was a pivotal stop for us on our days of traveling, Cranberries tunes and bread and cheese. Munich was also where we paused from the art, music, and hostel-hopping and visited Dachau.

I am not Jewish. I am half-German. Neither of these things had any bearing on a decision to go to Dachau. It wasn't on the itinerary we constructed late at night on a train bound for Paris. We had planned to only spend one day in Munich, but we felt Dachau was something we had to do.

The Dachau Concentration Camp officially opened on Wednesday, March 22, 1933. The lists of how many were killed there vary from twenty-six thousand to over two hundred thousand.

Paolo and I visited on a grey, gloomy day. By the entrance now is a piece of metal sculpture. It was such an extreme contrast, art in this place of death. I wasn't sure if I should take a photo of it or not. While it held the spirit to overcome…it wouldn't exist if Dachau hadn't existed.

There were no displays of shoes, shorn hair, or other sober signs of how much had been lost. Barracks had been restored, but there were rooms of photos, there was a crematorium, which was an oven built to burn many bodies at once. Gas chambers exist at Dachau, and it is stated that they were only used to fumigate clothing and other items due to disease, not for killing, there is no definite assurance of this fact, and some evidence exists that refutes this claim.

The grass outside along the sides of the grounds was so green, with trees on the outsides of the wire fences. Yet the place was permeated with a sense of despair, and frankly horror. Civilised humans had built this. And as much as I wanted to believe it was all in the past, done, finished, it still existed right in front of me. Where I stood, people died. Where I rummaged for my water bottle and sat staring at the sky, thousands suffered. Our trip had been a time of joy and exploration until we reached Dachau, and then it turned dark for a day. Exploration, yes. Joy, no.

It took us at least a day to return to good spirits. We sat glumly with wine that evening, our minds and hearts heavy with what we had seen, but very much in agreement that we had chosen rightly in going.
Dachau was in Germany, Auschwitz is in Poland. But today is an important day to keep grounded in, and remember, and think upon. Liberation is wonderful, but one must be enslaved to be freed. The story of the Holocaust must never be forgotten, cloaked in dust as an event of an earlier, unenlightened time. Their numbers dwindle, but suvivors still live.This is recent news, and never, ever, should be dismissed as ancient history, or beyond the realm of modern human possibility.