….and the rest of the gunk from the day

Way less heavy.

Note to <lj user="jenwrites">:

"Do you think Shakespeare was gritting his teeth and diligently trying to write Great Literature? Of course not. He was having fun. That's why he's so good."
-Paul Graham

All you urban fashionista somethings, gym bunnies, alterna-chicks, bellydancin', trend-watching (yes, I said WATCHING, not setting), conformist, "cool hipsters…..", all of you with your little tribal slashes and flowers and little stars and dragons that oh-so-sweetly peek over the top of the buttrim of your low-cut jeans and 70's throwback velour pants…

Look at the tattoo on my lower back. See that? See how lines are a little blurry? You trendoid cookie-cutter dreamers, it's blurry because I got tattooed over TEN YEARS AGO!!!!

Suck it up, lemmings!