glass comments

I want to thank you guys who comment when I put a piece of my glass up, and encourage you to continue doing so. This is specifically pointed at those who give me a reaction of what they think of, or how it makes them feel.

For instance, the green piece I put up last night. I couldn't come up with a name or description. Yet I saw the candy aspect, and even the lunar comment makes sense to me. I didn't think of kiwi, but I am delighted to learn of that reaction someone had. So again, thank you so much for providing me with feedback, love it or hate it. I work in a void otherwise, and the most important thing to me other than the joy of making these things, is creating a relationship with others who see it, and all that needs to happen for that is for someone to share what they think.

So however it makes you feel, tell me! And thanks so much to those who do take the time. Feedback can only improve my work, and over time, influence it.