It sounds like it is raining outside, but it is the ice melting. Our magnolia in the backyard is drooping under the weight, the benches have air bubbles where the ice is starting to disappear.
It's back to the studio for me once I get dinner going in the crock pot.

I might try to knock some ice off the magnolia, and if I can stand the chill, trim back the roses next to the house. The ones in front are ok, but the one out by the end of the path is bent over from ice as well, but some of it already is cut back. Hopefully, it will survive.

While DLJ was at Macworld he bought a landscaping program at a discount, one that works on OSX so we can plan things out ahead of time before we dig in this spring/summer. Hopefully pest control will call us tomorrow, we can get a few quotes and get rid of our ants. =)
There really aren't that many which is the only reason I'm not freaking out. I do not like lots of ants, ant trails, gobs of ants. These are just a few wandering around, but with solid regularity.