It's Friday!

I am home from a good, productive week at work. I just went out to the studio and dipped my mandrels, I forgot to get more sludge at the glass sale a couple weeks ago, so I will have to go back. Maybe this weekend, as I really need more. I'll probably end up getting a few rods of that delicious blue I made my heart with last week. I will most likely go in the studio tomorrow, and maybe Sunday. I have some fused pendants waiting around to be fired, I need to do that, too. Since they are already laid up, it won't take but ten minutes at most.
DLJ got the ingredients for dinner and I'll start cooking in about a half hour. It has beef. I haven't cooked red meat at home in over a year, probably. I just don't eat that much of it. But the dinner he picked out looks good.
So, that's the news! We are both waiting to see how his second interview plays out next Monday.