people suck

A train derailed in Southern California today. 10 dead so far, hundred injuries. It appears a train hit an SUV sitting on the tracks by a suicidal man. Who lived, by the way. What a selfish fuck. Even worse, the SUV driver changed his mind about suicide and left the vehicle before it was hit.

I want to have compassion and empathy for someone who wants to end their life, but man…what a SELFISH FUCK.


I gripe in someone else's journal that I never get my tax stuff as early as everyone else, and the mutual funds drop into my lap. Looks like we will owe about $600 on those. Not bad, considering that's all from the long-term gains of selling thousands in mutual funds in order to buy the house. Hopefully the interest, property taxes and other things will help offset that.

Time to find that itemization for $200 from the clothing and home items I donated to charity a few months ago…

And then, time to make homemade mac and cheese for dinner tomorrow. We are having our realtor over, we liked her so much, and miss her! Are we nerds or what.


A good weekend. I just got in from doing the winter trim of the roses, many of the rosehips had turned orange, yay. But one plant had aphids, boo! I will make up a garlic spray for spring for that. We went for a walk earlier, just seeing what the neighbors were up to.
DLJ is out getting stuff to make dinner. We got up late and had brunch. Last night was SO much fun at the Duran Duran tribute night. <lj user="synthcat"> rocked out and did a great job on "Hold Back the Rain." He was the first to get anyone up dancing, and singing along in audience participation. I had a really good time, even though I went alone, DLJ was home taking expectorant and didn't want to be coughing and hacking all night.
I'm off to try to take pics of this weekend's glass, hopefully I will get them up on <a href="">Juiceglass</a> tonight or tomorrow. It's time to enlarge those galleries a little.


anyone else local going to the Duran tribute to watch <lj user="synthcat"> and other folks play at the Fez?

DLJ isn't going due to health, but I am. Let me know if I should be looking out for anyone. Can't decide if I want to drive, or Max it.

It's Friday, jiggity jig

I am home after spending my remaining hours at work wrestling with a flash file. 90% there but the last 10% is SO annoyingly frustrating!

I have been photographed for the last hour by two photojournalism students, in my glass studio. DLJ is making homemade pizza, and the wine bottle has been opened.

Life, she is good.

….and the rest of the gunk from the day

Way less heavy.

Note to <lj user="jenwrites">:

"Do you think Shakespeare was gritting his teeth and diligently trying to write Great Literature? Of course not. He was having fun. That's why he's so good."
-Paul Graham

All you urban fashionista somethings, gym bunnies, alterna-chicks, bellydancin', trend-watching (yes, I said WATCHING, not setting), conformist, "cool hipsters…..", all of you with your little tribal slashes and flowers and little stars and dragons that oh-so-sweetly peek over the top of the buttrim of your low-cut jeans and 70's throwback velour pants…

Look at the tattoo on my lower back. See that? See how lines are a little blurry? You trendoid cookie-cutter dreamers, it's blurry because I got tattooed over TEN YEARS AGO!!!!

Suck it up, lemmings!

consumerism, how am I doing?

Pretty well! There's things I've wanted but I don't need, and I have not bought. Now, Darth Tater is going to be hard to resist. We shall see. But for the most part, No CDs, no extra clothes (I really need socks though, most of mine have holes), no video games. We've been eating out less but treat ourselves. The test will come when DLJ is working again, when we don't need to be so conservative, but remain so. We do fine on my pay; I'd like to stash the equivalent of his when he's working again, with loosened reins for special items or large purchases. There are a few of those looming:

-The trip to Japan, put off due to getting rid of the debt (actions have consequences).
-My ten year college reunion this June, in Connecticut. We'd like to make it a longer trip to visit my cousin in NYC and my old hometown in NJ, but at least a few days in CT.
-A new Mac. Mine is dying. Really dying. It has a gash in the screen, it's a laptop and has no battery because it leaked and died. I've pulled huge amounts of things off it, trying to free up space and memory, and it still is so slow that I can't really do forums anymore, my typing goes and it's 30 seconds or more before the letters on the screen catch up with me. Last night it totally tanked when DLJ put the latest release of OSX 10.4 on it and it had to be restored from the harddrive we have attached to it in case it goes through true death. Soon, I will probably just run off that hard drive, connected to the puter for the screen. Hopefully, we can get me a new one this Spring, but the final debt needs to go first, as well as property tax payments in February. Both of those things should be completed by the end of February. Unlike many folks, I don't blow my tax returns, I save most of them and take a small portion to put towards things. That might help but…the Mac we are looking at will be around $2100. But because we use a portion for a purchase sometimes, the Mac will probably come after the tax return does. I just hope my ol' iBook hangs on until then.
-The garden. Lots of it is very affordable, but we need to take out the railroad ties that hold the raised bed and replace them with stone. That will be the largest chunk o' change.

When the debt is paid, we still have to pay ourselves back for the chunk of savings we threw at it. When DLJ gets a job, this will all go a lot faster, so I am very much looking forward to when he does, not so that we can buy with abandon, but "catch up" as it were, from the debt. And catching up is really just creating a bank of disposable income, after putting back the amount taken away from savings for the debt, something that has been going on slowly as well, so it's on the road to recovery. Even with this hurdle, we have savings, we are contributing to IRAS and mutual funds, and investing in the house. Not in huge amounts right now, but we are still working towards the big picture. I really hope he learned his lesson on this one, I think he has, both from the things he cannot do or buy as a result of his actions, and the experience of having a TRULY disappointed and hurt Luny around for a month or so, when it all came to light.