Their bodies are still where they finally laid down; a jumble of lifeless, silent objects that now were part of the surroundings. Those not hit directly still struggled, weaving and staggering forward past the bodies of their fellow soldiers. A few reached out from the ground, their last steps taken, but life not yet extinguished. The survivors trudged on, unseeing, unresponsive to the death throes of their friends, their comrades, fellow workers and family members. Behind them, more were always falling, shoved out of their homes, forced into the light. The day had begun, and then life as they knew it suddenly was no more. And the bodies will continue to fall over the stretching string of days….resting on the cool floor until the vaccuum comes to sweep them away.

Carpenter Ants…I salute you. And I'm sorry. But harm my home, not just live in it.
But you really were getting to be too much to handle and according to the pest guy, you were just ramping up to swarm to find new homes in mine. Find your own place, squatters!
Nice to know that the walls are well-insulated, though, from what we can see peeking around the window frame.

ants in the pants

Or, rather, in the window frame in the bathroom. We knew this was where they were coming from after watching them for the weekend.

In chat, DLJ said "YUCK!!!!!"
To which I replied:

"I don't even want to know."
"I don't even want to know."
"I don't even want to know."

The frame is ripped out, and will be replaced. The guy checked elsewhere around the inside and outside, nothing else seen. He pointed out some more branches for us to trim (DLJ got one of those long trimmer thingies) and said if we see them still in 30 days, call.

Ick, ick, ick, ick. I am so glad I wasn't there.

In other news, DLJ has another interview soon. Wohoo!

While I am being glass-centric….

<a href="">juiceglass</a> has an online newsletter, ya know. Monthly, very small right now but one day will have newsletter specials, sales and stuffs like that

But it still will be fun now! News, trivia, tips on art and artglass…There might even be a random drawing soon for a pendant! You can find the link to sign up under "contact."


More pumpkin!

I just love the dragonflies. Bumblebees and martini glasses next, I think!

<img src="">

Nuclear Fly

It will be 60 degrees today! That torch is going ON when I get home!

Another one (I made a few in this color, pumpkin orange, a new color to me)

<img src="">
Fruit Swirl

glass comments

I want to thank you guys who comment when I put a piece of my glass up, and encourage you to continue doing so. This is specifically pointed at those who give me a reaction of what they think of, or how it makes them feel.

For instance, the green piece I put up last night. I couldn't come up with a name or description. Yet I saw the candy aspect, and even the lunar comment makes sense to me. I didn't think of kiwi, but I am delighted to learn of that reaction someone had. So again, thank you so much for providing me with feedback, love it or hate it. I work in a void otherwise, and the most important thing to me other than the joy of making these things, is creating a relationship with others who see it, and all that needs to happen for that is for someone to share what they think.

So however it makes you feel, tell me! And thanks so much to those who do take the time. Feedback can only improve my work, and over time, influence it.

I'm tired.

Slept only three hours last night, I just could not drop off. So I'm off now.

The kiln has been busy. Here's one:

<img src="">
Rolling balls

Ummm.. nice pits!

While looking for bad Duran photos last week, I found one of Thomas that had me off in the giggles. So I scanned it and waited till he came into chat and gave him the url.
<img src="">

me: Naked violins, hmmmm? How does one get in on that action?
T: That wasn't me, that was er… evil twin!
me: Nice ribs.
T: Sadly, I haven't seen those for awhile.

It never occurred to me to look through all my old 80's stuff for HIM. Something to do another night by myself, perhaps.

The death of the ants has been scheduled for Thursday. Well, the beginning of the end, anyway. I feel bad. They are just creatures, like me. But I can't have creatures eat my house.


Ever since DLJ went on unemployment, we were getting screwed. He got only $140 a week, after taxes.

Suddenly they called last week, and had a discussion. Working IN Oregon, but for a California company seems to have been the confusion. Suddenly everyone saw the light. In the last two days, we have gotten five checks with backpay, and things will continue like this. So
On his checks alone, the mortgage can be paid every month. With this windfall all at once, the debt should be demolished, or at least driven down to below $400.
He's still job hunting hard as ever, has to be to get that unemployment, but this is a nice unexpected turn in our favor while he searches. And we can stash a lot of it away starting in Feb. Yep, money in the bank still means "security" to me. Better than the consumer urges I used to have, I suppose.

When does something like that end up being resolved nicely? Yay. Now, if BOFA would just come to their senses about those charges from England on his card the same day he made a purchase here in Oregon…I mean really.


It sounds like it is raining outside, but it is the ice melting. Our magnolia in the backyard is drooping under the weight, the benches have air bubbles where the ice is starting to disappear.
It's back to the studio for me once I get dinner going in the crock pot.

I might try to knock some ice off the magnolia, and if I can stand the chill, trim back the roses next to the house. The ones in front are ok, but the one out by the end of the path is bent over from ice as well, but some of it already is cut back. Hopefully, it will survive.

While DLJ was at Macworld he bought a landscaping program at a discount, one that works on OSX so we can plan things out ahead of time before we dig in this spring/summer. Hopefully pest control will call us tomorrow, we can get a few quotes and get rid of our ants. =)
There really aren't that many which is the only reason I'm not freaking out. I do not like lots of ants, ant trails, gobs of ants. These are just a few wandering around, but with solid regularity.