Hey Simonite book nerds!

Can't decide what to read next?

<a href="http://www.duranduran.com/bookclub/library.htm">See what Simon's read</a>.

Pompous ass, he WOULD have "Gravity's Rainbow" on there. *mutter* I bet he didn't finish it, who CAN?

Things I have read because he has:

Master and Margarita
The Man who Fell in Love with the Moon
Love in the Time of Cholera

Things I read on my own that he read, too!

Wind-Up Bird Chronicle (this makes me SO happy. I LOVE Murakami!)
"Now some people are going to love this and some are going to hate it. Me? – I fall very much into the first category, I fucking love this story, it goes straight in to my top five greatest books ever." – Simon

House of Leaves (if you make it through this, there should be some sort of kinship with all other readers of it.)
The Beach
the DaVinci Code
The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier and Clay
Gravity's Rainbow (unfinished after eight tries)

" GR has been compared to "Moby Dick" it certainly makes the same kind of heavy weather; at the rate I'm going I'll be able to review it in January 2004. I may give up on it soon. Any thoughts?" – Simon
See! I TOLD YOU!!!!!!

I love how he has all these maritime books. He is such a sailor at heart!
Also delighted to see Eats, Shoots and Leaves.

Oh thank God

I was getting too productive there without LJ. I went to the store, got DLJ from the airport, figured out my logo for my <a href="http://www.juiceglass.com">juiceglass</a> stuff, froze my ass in the studio, determined we have carpenter ants, not many at least…well, I'm ALMOST positive. I spent an hour sitting in the bathroom just watching them.

Phew. Now I can be a blog of lethargy again.

Also, "I've been away from you for a week" nookie is fun.



Is Your Health Club Unhealthy?

"On a set of dumbbells, "Primetime" found staphylococcus, streptococcus viridans, diptheroids and e-coli the most common bacteria in human feces. On one exercise bike, "Primetime" found candida the germ that causes yeast infections."


DLJ is staying another night, coming home on Saturday. He's wandering around MacWorld right now. Whee! I have been busy every night he has been gone, so that gives me two nights to just stay home. Tonight it's just dinner, the kitties, and glass. Tomorrow, I might rent a movie and have a cheap dinner out by myself, and maybe more glass, depends. Probably I will just bring my stuff down tonight to the studio, prep the second shelf, oooo two shelves, and start laying out items. Tomorrow I'll make a few more and then get them in the kiln. Sounds like a plan, kitties, maybe the fireplace, I'll open a bottle of wine to last me the next couple nights and RELAX. With a little cleaning thrown in.

Also, I have been wanting a plant for my desk for a few months. I keep meaning to go get one, but never make it to the nursery. Today I went to the breakroom to get my lunch, and there sat a perfectly good, large peace plant on the garbage can. It had no dish tray , needed water. So I let it sit in the sink a little nad got some paper under it, took it back to my desk. I have a tray at home I can bring in. It's larger than any little thing I would have bought, and I saved it, it's wanted again! =)

glass and captain bender

Last night was a perfectly enjoyable adventure. There's something about being home alone for me that is so refreshing, it's not something I want to do all the time, but on the rare occurances DLJ is gone for a night or two, and I am home, I really have a good time, all the while feeling eager for him to return. It sounds silly but I think we'd be a lot better meshed, over time, if we had short breaks. It's too bad neither of us travel for work, but maybe we should make short family trips more often, seeing our relatives by ourselves. I don't want to sound like I don't want him around, I do…I just think the short breaks are really valuable and healthy, and we should have them more. Not by going on vacation alone, but just visting family, since we can't use work as a method to achieve this goal.

But my point is, last night was fun, and even more fun just knowing I was alone in the immediate world. There was no one I had to be home for, save the kitties, I knew I'd go home and still be alone, have some time to myself…it just felt great. I guess that is the price of being married to Lunesse…I'm very independent and when I say I want alone time now and then, I mean REALLY alone. Luckily, DLJ understands this and knows it doesn't mean I don't love him or don't want to be with him. I just need time alone to stay happy and sane. A string of days once a year, or every other year, is truly beneficial to me, and therefore, us.

But anyway, I was here to recount last night. I left work and made my way to the Bullseye. Zoo! Madhouse! If there is ever anything I really need, a specific color, I'll have to go that morning, and be like a mid-80's shopping mom jonesing for the Cabbage Patch Doll. The sale is first come, first serve, so if you are angling for a shot at a rare off-curious color that suddenly became all the rage, you'd better be there when the doors open, sister!

The piles of things waiting to go home with folks were enormous. I don't know who Nancy Lincoln is, but I hope she has a big studio. Molds, frit, books, glass, tools, stacked up high in rows. Someone is seriously going into business! I put on my safety glasses and started rummaging through the bullpen, picking out a few full-sheets and half sheets, putting them on my cart. I almost went for a strange orange color, it looked like orange spiced tea that had been brewed a long while, but I decided not to at the last moment, going for an off-white instead.

I left those in the packing area and moved on. I checked my order for a small mold, then went through the smaller squares of glass, getting several marbled colors, something I haven't really tried before. On to the rods, where I picked up about 30 more, many of them just clear, I'm running low on clear! A package of prepulled french vanilla stringers, and on I went, getting one book (not on sale) and a small bottle of glass tack, sticky stuff for glueing things together to make it into the kiln. I forgot to get more sludge, which wasn't on sale anyway so it won't matter when I go back.

It took several trips to get everything to the car, but I did and then I was off to Crush, where I sat with a chocolate martini and an olive tapanade for about 45 minutes until <lj user="synthcat"> showed up. The bar was empty most of that time, which was a pleasant suprise as I read my books and looked out at the Portland night. So happy.

Once he arrived, he had a drink and we moved on to <A href="http://salvadormollys.com/restaurant/restaurant.html">Salvador Molly's</a>, which delighted me. I had a yummy drink there called a Captain Bender, with lime and mango goodness! This place might be our substitution restaurant for Taco Joe's in Mill Valley, which we miss very much. Almost all our other favorite restaurants have sufficient replacements here, except for U-Lee and Taco Joe's. Salvador Molly's is the closest thing I've found, and I cannot wait to take DLJ to try it. Plus, it's advertised as "pirate cookin'" and you can eat peanuts and throw the shells on the floor. We had a LOT of fun there, and bonded over a fun but trying event. I can't mention it in case DLJ reads, as we might want to spring it on him when we take him there.

**confidential to <lj user="synthcat">: Good morning! YOOOOOOOOOWWWWWWWCH! RING!

After that, a quick tour of his apartment so I could see his new couch, and all the moves he's made to make his place more homey, rather than a storage space.

Then home, home, full of good food and memories, and a trunk full of glass.
More fun tonight at Backspace with bunches of friends! I will be there around 7, guys, taking the Max. Can't wait to see ya!

I'll support art!

<lj user="loviemacfru"> can say what she wants, I think she's great at computer art!

<img src="http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v47/loviemacfru/creative%20fun%20stuff/lunesse.jpg">

Since this meme had people creating art, I was into it.

<b>1. comment here and i'll pick one of your livejournal interests and draw a crappy picture of it in paint.

2. you have no say in what i draw for you, or the quality thereof.

3. put this in your journal along with the pictures drawn for you.</b>

I'll get to as many of them as I can!

DLJ bye bye

DLJ just logged off chat, and will be on his way to the airport to go to California for a week to see his family, friends, Macworld. He can fly free through his father's fat bennies from working at United for 40 years, so there's no reason for him to not to go.

I always miss people when they leave, right when they leave. When I left AZ I missed my parents most the first hour in the airport. The further away I get from them, the easier it is, for some reason. As usual, I'm probably backwards in how I work in this realm. Most folks probably feel worse when someone is 2,000 miles away. If my person is going to get that far away, the closer they still are to me, the more I miss them, as if I could still see them if I really wanted to, vs. them being out of reach.

So Luny has a whole week alone, time she craves for herself! I'm pretty busy despite this!

Tonight, and here and there the rest of the week, I am working on my surprise for DLJ while he is gone: repainting the horror that is the laundry room. Even if he hates what I do, it can't be worse than what it is. I will use paint that also goes in the closet in the library/guest room, a color called Downpour, sort of a grey. It's a small room, but dammit, lemon yellow and orangish-red Formica is hell; anything can be better. I will paint the ceiling white, as it is yellow right now, too. My friend M is coming over to help tonight, it is a very small room and we should get a lot done in one evening. I can do the rest over the following days.

Tomorrow I go a glass-buying, which has also turned into a meeting with a local writer who is interested in discussing a project. I figure the place where I buy is a great place to meet, to see what colors there are, and what can be done. We will see what comes of that, at any rate, I've been reading him on LJ for awhile, it will be nice to meet him. I love prolific writers and artists. After that, I think I will head to Crush or Rimsky's for booze or tea, respectively, and wait for <lj user="synthcat"> to get off work so we can hang out. I think I'm in more of a Crush mood, and Rimsky's doesn't open till later, I think. No idea what we will do, but it will be great. Wednesday, Backspace. Thursday, nothing. Mine and mine alone. I will probably do the fusing for my two necklaces, since I will have the glass I need at that point to complete them. Every evening once I get home will be mine alone, plus Thursday. DLJ should be back Friday night, flight schedules depending. I'm a busy bee this week, but in a good way.

I think it is good we will be apart. I think we do not spend enough time apart, and therefore rarely value each other's absence, something that I think is essential in a relationship. It's an easy way to respark and re-value someone that you perhaps take for granted when they are there all the time.

geek complaint

Why must people in an office use a radio and turn it loud enough others can hear? Haven't you heard of headphones? Just because you have to answer phones all day and enjoy the distraction does not mean everyone else does.