Good day so far. DLJ and I went into Portland and saw a matinee of "The House of Flying Daggers." Pretty. Nice to have so many different plant zones so close. "Look, we are walking amongst birches! Look, now it's a sea of bamboo! Look! A decidious forest of green, yet now it is Fall within 100 yards!" I liked it, but I think I liked "Hero" better. Time to go out to the studio and skip the kiln forward a step. I made many hearts. My sludge is getting icky, so after the movie we went to Bullseye and I got more Sludge as well as some long tweezers, which I really need to keep my hands away from the flame. dinner soon, DLJ is playing Halo2. I want to just curl up and read tonight.

Also, I went out and checked the planter box and the area where the ivy used to be. My bulbs have poked through! Little green sprouts.

This little iBook has crashed from kernel panic 4 times in the past week. We have given up. DLJ gets a huge discount as an Apple developer so…there's a Powerbook 17" G4 being born soon for me. I think the Apple site said 7-10 days. DLJ is going to take this one and totally wipe it, and maybe then it will survive and live again. I really wanted this machine to make it a few more months. But it's not going to. And I need it to work for me, design work and web work at home is horrible. It takes 45 seconds to open a file in Photoshop. Forget it! I feel better about this though, with the lack of spending on other things. I use my computer for communication and fun, but also as a supplemental vehicle for financial livelihood. It needs to work.

Time for leftovers!