A good weekend. I just got in from doing the winter trim of the roses, many of the rosehips had turned orange, yay. But one plant had aphids, boo! I will make up a garlic spray for spring for that. We went for a walk earlier, just seeing what the neighbors were up to.
DLJ is out getting stuff to make dinner. We got up late and had brunch. Last night was SO much fun at the Duran Duran tribute night. <lj user="synthcat"> rocked out and did a great job on "Hold Back the Rain." He was the first to get anyone up dancing, and singing along in audience participation. I had a really good time, even though I went alone, DLJ was home taking expectorant and didn't want to be coughing and hacking all night.
I'm off to try to take pics of this weekend's glass, hopefully I will get them up on <a href="http://www.juiceglass.com">Juiceglass</a> tonight or tomorrow. It's time to enlarge those galleries a little.