Ever since DLJ went on unemployment, we were getting screwed. He got only $140 a week, after taxes.

Suddenly they called last week, and had a discussion. Working IN Oregon, but for a California company seems to have been the confusion. Suddenly everyone saw the light. In the last two days, we have gotten five checks with backpay, and things will continue like this. So
On his checks alone, the mortgage can be paid every month. With this windfall all at once, the debt should be demolished, or at least driven down to below $400.
He's still job hunting hard as ever, has to be to get that unemployment, but this is a nice unexpected turn in our favor while he searches. And we can stash a lot of it away starting in Feb. Yep, money in the bank still means "security" to me. Better than the consumer urges I used to have, I suppose.

When does something like that end up being resolved nicely? Yay. Now, if BOFA would just come to their senses about those charges from England on his card the same day he made a purchase here in Oregon…I mean really.