I lied.

This is from the Duran concert in San Diego, taken by a good LJ friend of mine. Heh. "Friends" of Mine. Heh.

I saw the hat and I thought "Oh. Dear. God. He DIDN'T." *swoon* How many TIMES have I seen the 1984 concert film "As the Lights Go Down" and the revolving doorway thing and Simon in a particular hat, singing "The Chauffeur." When Duran went into that song in 1993 when I saw them in NJ, oh, it was just…. oh. That song has been in my top 3 Duran songs since….since I knew it existed. But it was daylight out, you know, summer, early evening outdoor show. I had no idea it was coming. But oh man…. he's doing it IN THE HAT?????? The only thing that could make a show better would be if for ONCE they didn't play "Save a Prayer."

Less than two weeks now. I am just going to be a puddle of ooozing joy. Please do it AGAIN, Simon!

phew. My hands are slathered in gardner's lotion

A year ago or more, Mom got me some gardner's hands lotion and scrub. We are both smelling of it tonight!

I hope the roses survive the move, but we have given them a great place to do so, if they can. It will look really nice when the grasses start to grow, we hope they all make it. One species should be a little wetter than the rest around it, if it's not happy, we can just move it into containers in the back. (this might be a good idea anyway if the New Zealand Flax grows as well as it potentially can.)

Wow. No more typing tonight after this!

<img src="http://www.lunesse.com/img/oregon/haus/front-haus0205.jpg">
before we did anything. the patch of stuff to the left of the walk makes pretty flowers, but we aren't into it.

<lj-cut text="and the after photos, and the roses before and after">

<img src="http://www.lunesse.com/img/oregon/haus/front-street0205.jpg">
from the street. You can see one of the roses on the left of the path behind the shrub bush thingy, and two more by the front of the house on the right side of the door.

<img src="http://www.lunesse.com/img/oregon/haus/front-hausafter0205.jpg">
rows of grasses! Some should get a bit bigger, woo. Like, too big. We will have to see what to do then. They are planted way too close, but…. grow them there, move 'em around if we need to. Trade and mix! ;) We left space on the left to place one of those rough-hewn rocks that has a bowl cut in it,so that there's some water for birds, once we save up for it.

<img src="http://www.lunesse.com/img/oregon/haus/front-streetafter0205.jpg">
from the street. No more roses, to the right of the door is a small rosemary (smells goooood) and a red heavenly bamboo, which will grow 4' or so. Hard to see it now, it's so little.

<img src="http://www.lunesse.com/img/oregon/haus/dlj_ivy.jpg">
dlj combatting the ivy last weekend. We got about 1/3 out I'd say. Funny note: his hat says "got root?" Probably not the kind they were thinking of. Behind him are leaf-covered raised mounds of dirt…

<img src="http://www.lunesse.com/img/oregon/haus/roses_moved0205.jpg">
which are now home to eight roses Only one is left in the ground in the back, so if we destroy all the rest, we'll have one!



just in time

The old laptop, even thought DLJ wiped it clean, is almost dead. Now the memory battery seems to have failed, meaning everytime it gets rebooted, it loses the date, time, settings, almost everything in that regard. Getting at it is a real pain, that ibook was not designed to be futzed with, which is why a new hard drive wasn't our answer. You just can't get at anything without taking the entire computer apart.

Poor thing. I guess we might still try to make it live, but even with a new, fresh start, it's still getting worse. There's no way I could be doing any web work on it now.

We should be heading out into the yard pretty soon. This should be the last nice day before the rain (thankfully!) returns.

walk walk walk

Wow. We left to go garden shopping at around 11:15, and didn't come back until after 4.
Armed with coupons, we hit Al's Garden Center, where we got 40% off a plant, and bought some grasses and soil. While there we realized we have become total garden nerds; Mallory Gwynn was walking around, who we'd just seen that morning on our garden show, at another store. We bad, we bad, we shop where the Gwynnster does. *snort*
From there we went on to Garden World, after finally figuring out how to get there, you can see it on I-5 just south of Wilsonville…and the final turn for the place was right near where we were zombies for that FINE film that landed me a cred on the IMDB. HAH.
At Garden World we had a coupon for one free gallon grass, or gallon sweetbox, which is a fragrant plant that offers forth both flowers and berries over the seasons. We also bought a Heavenly Red Bamboo while we were there, after making sure it wasn't going to go crazy with the runners and take over the space by the front door.
After that, Max and Hildy's, where we finally found the right kind of shovel for digging out and transplanting, plus a packet of basil seeds. I couldn't resist the calla lily bulbs, now that I have my own plot of land, I can finally grow some, and slowly make a nice clump of them. A dream years in the making. I only bought two, start small.
By the time we got home, all we did was remove one plant in the front and plot out where everything will go, putting containers down on the ground and taking a picture for tomorrow, after we remove the rosebushes from the front.
I went for a walk after dinner, peeking in all the houses 'round the neigborhood. I love doing that at night, just to see how folks decorate, etc.
Bicycle ride first, then gettin' down in the dirt.
I should have pictures by the day's end of how things turned out.
Time to go read up on transplanting roses.


Last night we drank wine and watched the original "Rollerball," after a nice dinner of corn-cilantro pancakes with salsa and marinated jerk chicken.

Off to the shower, together. Things were getting er, really clean when I suddenly felt really dizzy. I started leaning against DLJ, finally saying "If I don't get out right now, I'm falling." My ringing ear was so elevated I could barely hear him. Out I went, stumbling to the bed, laying down and cooling off. I felt better within half a minute, and soon the games could continue. It was odd though. I have never blacked out or fainted in my life, that was probably the closest I've come.

Once our favorite Saturday morning home and garden show is over, it's off to use a coupon at Max and Hildy's Garden center, hopefully to get some plants for the barren front walk, and a shovel. Then to the local hardware store to look for the straight edge. Today and tomorrow, hopefully we will transplant some container roses to the yard, I'll plant my small sweet pea I got free at the Yard, Patio and Garden show last week, hopefully some glass in there SOMEWHERE! The garden show today also had a spot on pruning japanese maples, and we have one in the front yard, one of the small ones, so maybe I'll get some pruning in on that as well, now that we have tips on what to do.

In the weird things about work file…

The head of DLJ's company today noted that his shirt was "a little wrinkled."

DLJ, unlike me, irons things, good man that he is, so when she said "little," that really was the case, he does iron his work shirts.

So she added him to the laundry service the senior partner types have. All his shirts will now be cleaned and pressed and returned to him…gratis.


It really IS like Ally McBeal!

It's almost time to go home!

Friday, \/\/00t!

I have been sleeping well these past few days, and so the sleep seems to go by quickly, before I know it, DLJ's iPod has lit up and started playing "Here Comes the Sun" to wake us up. I usually hear it first, and nudge him with my hand until he rolls over and turns it off. iPod as alarm, yay.

The member tour at the Japanese Garden isn't until next week…so next weekend it is. This weekend I think we will take advantage of one of our gardening coupons and go buy something for the garden. Maybe I can redo the front walkway, or at least start the process. And pull more ivy, most likely.

Glass tonight, and it's cloudy again today! The rains are coming back on Monday, or so the weatherman tells me. Sweet rain, please come back!

Financial factoids from the SimpleLiving.net newsletter:

Junk Food — This includes sodas, donuts, lattes, snacks, and all other non-nutritional food consumed throughout the day, especially if purchased from vending machines. Saving $3 a day may not seem like much, but it can add up to $120 a month for two people. After 20 years you could have $70,000; after 30 years nearly $180,000.
**(How we are doing – I fall prey to a vending machine about once a week for fruit chews. I have a store bought coffee maybe once every 2 months now. I brew it all at home or work. DLJ has lattes more often, maybe once a week?)

Lunch — Eating out is expensive. Two people brown-bagging it can save $200 per month and have nearly $120,000 in 20 years or almost $300,000 in 30 years. Eating fewer dinners out after work could double or triple those amounts.
**(How we are doing – I bring half my food in, usually, and end up spending about $2 at the cafeteria for a fruit salad or small bowl of soup as an afternoon break. DLJ is rocking the house on this one, as the chef at work makes lunch, so he's been not paying a thing)