3 day-er

Almost weekend time! There's lots planned for us this weekend. Valentine's Day for us is this Monday, when we will be waking up at the Edgefield, a fun hotel on the east side of Portland with all sorts of fun things. <lj user="tikimama">, we must have that drink Sunday afternoon….I should have gotten your phone info etc, at Backspace last month. Saturday is going to be busy too, as we will journey to the <A href="http://www.ygpshow.com/">Yard, Garden and Patio Show</a> to take pictures, dream and scheme. Saturday night I've got a meeting at Roxie's with an artists/writer to discuss a glass project for his book cover, a meeting that has been rescheduled a few times, let's hope this time is the charm!

I've been reading up on composting, now that we have a little black bubble of a composter in the backyard that we have to set up. It appears to be a cold composter, which works fine for me as a two-person household. I need to figure out where we put our old soil we are removing from our planter bed, and just what to do with the manure I theoretically will have dropped at my home soon. Mix with soil? Mix in compost? I have read different things in my organic gardening books. Either way, we need to get our asses to measure the bed and get down to the local rock store I drive by everyday on the way to work to price this out.

<lj-cut text="Gardening stuff under the cut">
Plans for the garden this summer (* is required):
replace raised bed border and soil, if we plan to put food plants in there*
treat deck*
large container herb garden by patio door/on the deck*
replant the planter benches, I love these things the previous owners left behind, teak with lovely square boxes on either side to hold plants!*
large water pot container, the middle-solution until stump removal, see below
remove stump from deck area:

<img src="http://www.lunesse.com/img/oregon/house2/images/DSCN4716.jpg">
Oh that picture makes me eager for spring and summer.
See right behind that wooden bench? on the leftish? The deck is cut away there, it makes a nice square where a large water feature could go, inset into the deck area. There's a stump there, in this photo there's a container of roses sitting on it, and ivy surrounding the container. The ivy is gone and the container will move elsewhere, but the stump has to go, and we don't know how far roots spread, etc. This year, at least we will research how to get it out. I know you can pour stuff on it that breaks the wood down, but that sounds pretty chemically to me….

clear heather and replace with vine-set up to grow marionberries against back fence
design solution for under the japanese maple (I want a small outdoor meditation/pondering space)
replanting along front walkway*

Hence the garden show. We will enjoy writing down ideas to work with and narrow down later.
I love my yard.

So yeah, long weekend of fun stuff. Busy, but fun. Hopefully I will get some sleeping and reading in there, and try to stay away from web stuff. When I do that too much on weekends, it doesn't feel like a weekend has happened.