A good, long weekend

I don't think I have the energy to write it out! The yard, garden and patio show, coffee and discussing art,
sunny days, time to sleep and read…and then last night, going to the Edgefield. We had a KICK ASS room. Seriously. The building has two wings that jut out front, one on either side, and we were on the top floor at the end of the wing, with a huge room, big windows and a wonderful tree painted up the sloped sides of the wall near the bed. Dinner was included in the price, and I had a wonderful dish of diver scallops sauced in apple brandy, with wilted spinach. Guh.
Dessert was chocolate cake,and DLJ got a creme brulee and we shared. We went back upstairs for some naughty Valentine's Day fun, then wandered back out, looking at all the sculptures, lights, and fun things that make a McMenamins' so fun. At midnight we could be found in the distillery bar, me sipping a heated pear brandy and feeling positively…er…relaxed.
Breakfast was yummy too, brie and mushroom omelete for me, porter wheat flapjacks for DLJ. We left after wandering around in the daylight, and wow do we want to come back when it's warm out. There were folks out there playing golf at 10 am! Brrrrr. We stopped in the Hawthorne district for a fresh sheet of spinach pasta, cut to fettucini for us, some white truffle olive oil and parmesan cheese. We sidewalked shopped after that, and returned home by a little after noon. I played with some glass, DLJ cleared out some stuff in the backyard. We yanked the crap out of more ivy yesterday. I have a photo of that I need to upload. Still lots to go but smothering it in leaves over the winter definitely helped weaken it. It sure looks ugly right now, but it's progress towards the goal of removing it entirely.
Time to rest, read, and relax.