also in the spring/summer domestic vein

I want to have a yearly party. Something that we just do every year, rain or shine to gather friends together for a fun, relaxing afternoon and evening, hopefully indoor and outdoors. I want it to be a nice day, warmish, so I think I'm going to have a party centered around mid summer, like, the first Saturday after the summer solstice, or maybe even spring, the first Saturday after May 1. That would be a mini homage to my college, that holds it's giant booze and sofas on the green fest (Floralia) on that very day every year. I would like to party on that same day, without the loud bands, the drunken students and the random hookups all over the lawn. ;) But would it be warm enough to be outside the first weekend in May? Are my chances of rain too high? I just haven't lived here long enough to sort this out, but the first party will be this year, May or June, I guess!

Weigh in, local friends, as you will surely be invited!