Friday, \/\/00t!

I have been sleeping well these past few days, and so the sleep seems to go by quickly, before I know it, DLJ's iPod has lit up and started playing "Here Comes the Sun" to wake us up. I usually hear it first, and nudge him with my hand until he rolls over and turns it off. iPod as alarm, yay.

The member tour at the Japanese Garden isn't until next week…so next weekend it is. This weekend I think we will take advantage of one of our gardening coupons and go buy something for the garden. Maybe I can redo the front walkway, or at least start the process. And pull more ivy, most likely.

Glass tonight, and it's cloudy again today! The rains are coming back on Monday, or so the weatherman tells me. Sweet rain, please come back!

Financial factoids from the newsletter:

Junk Food — This includes sodas, donuts, lattes, snacks, and all other non-nutritional food consumed throughout the day, especially if purchased from vending machines. Saving $3 a day may not seem like much, but it can add up to $120 a month for two people. After 20 years you could have $70,000; after 30 years nearly $180,000.
**(How we are doing – I fall prey to a vending machine about once a week for fruit chews. I have a store bought coffee maybe once every 2 months now. I brew it all at home or work. DLJ has lattes more often, maybe once a week?)

Lunch — Eating out is expensive. Two people brown-bagging it can save $200 per month and have nearly $120,000 in 20 years or almost $300,000 in 30 years. Eating fewer dinners out after work could double or triple those amounts.
**(How we are doing – I bring half my food in, usually, and end up spending about $2 at the cafeteria for a fruit salad or small bowl of soup as an afternoon break. DLJ is rocking the house on this one, as the chef at work makes lunch, so he's been not paying a thing)

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