Fry's madness

I went to the post office to drop of DLJ's soap gifts for his family, and then went on to Fry's. I tried to find Myst 4 for xbox last night; I have played all the previous games, the first one on my little mac LC3 with a 1x speed cdrom drive back in '94 or '95. Alas, Fry's didn't have it. But they did have KOTOR2 for $37, and we had been waiting for the price to go down on that. Score! I got DLJ a flying game that was only $20, he likes such things. This one has lots of ww2 planes and the history buff that is DLJ will be most appreciative even if the game isn't super fly. I think he will have fun though, he liked Crimson Skies a lot.