Last night we drank wine and watched the original "Rollerball," after a nice dinner of corn-cilantro pancakes with salsa and marinated jerk chicken.

Off to the shower, together. Things were getting er, really clean when I suddenly felt really dizzy. I started leaning against DLJ, finally saying "If I don't get out right now, I'm falling." My ringing ear was so elevated I could barely hear him. Out I went, stumbling to the bed, laying down and cooling off. I felt better within half a minute, and soon the games could continue. It was odd though. I have never blacked out or fainted in my life, that was probably the closest I've come.

Once our favorite Saturday morning home and garden show is over, it's off to use a coupon at Max and Hildy's Garden center, hopefully to get some plants for the barren front walk, and a shovel. Then to the local hardware store to look for the straight edge. Today and tomorrow, hopefully we will transplant some container roses to the yard, I'll plant my small sweet pea I got free at the Yard, Patio and Garden show last week, hopefully some glass in there SOMEWHERE! The garden show today also had a spot on pruning japanese maples, and we have one in the front yard, one of the small ones, so maybe I'll get some pruning in on that as well, now that we have tips on what to do.