I lied.

This is from the Duran concert in San Diego, taken by a good LJ friend of mine. Heh. "Friends" of Mine. Heh.

I saw the hat and I thought "Oh. Dear. God. He DIDN'T." *swoon* How many TIMES have I seen the 1984 concert film "As the Lights Go Down" and the revolving doorway thing and Simon in a particular hat, singing "The Chauffeur." When Duran went into that song in 1993 when I saw them in NJ, oh, it was just…. oh. That song has been in my top 3 Duran songs since….since I knew it existed. But it was daylight out, you know, summer, early evening outdoor show. I had no idea it was coming. But oh man…. he's doing it IN THE HAT?????? The only thing that could make a show better would be if for ONCE they didn't play "Save a Prayer."

Less than two weeks now. I am just going to be a puddle of ooozing joy. Please do it AGAIN, Simon!

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