I'm not doing a meme

There's that ten things meme going around. I don't do memes much, so I'm not doing this one, though it has been fun to read. But it did make me think of the neat things in life I have seen or done, moments or events that bubble up when I think of the best moments in my life. Not in the sense that "I did it and you probably didn't," just…. neat things. Whether they were famous people or not in any of these doesn't matter, so I'm not pointing that out as a "thing."
<lj-cut text="My list o' things">

<li>The glow worms in a deep, acoustically beautiful cave in New Zealand</li>
<li>Making love on the bow of a 30 ft. catamaran off the coast of Baja, Mexico, the waters swirling with bioluminescence</li>
<li>Canyoning in Switzerland (this is when you get in a wetsuit, and life vest), and make your way down a river/waterfalls/rapids with just your body floating/jumping, swimming (was I nuts?)</li>
<li>Feeling the warm air on skin while riding completely naked on a bicycle beneath the moon in the desert. Ditto that for a dirt bike.</li>

<li>Being so in love and lust and physical wanting for someone that it hurt enough to scrape fingernail marks in walls</li>
<li>Having that love consumated</li>
<li>The deep blue of glaciers and the starkly beautiful landscape of Alaska</li>
<li>Going into a true trance, no drugs, just thoughts going far enough to shift perception and feeling</li>
<li>writing "finis" at the end of a completed, full-length manuscript</li>

<li>planting a seed and seeing it grow</li>
<li>the feeling of the first night alone at college</li>
<li>The limbo of leaving home on a plane bound for California, belonging to neither coast</li>
<li>The taste of cheap white wine at 3 am on an overnight train to Paris, the bottle split with a wonderful friend and travel partner</li>
<li>Visiting a country that doesn't speak one's native language, in this case, Tahiti, and being able to communicate successfully in another</li>

<li>the experience of a whirlwind romance, 3 day romance with a stranger in a strange land</li>
<li>Feeling strong connections with eyes staring back at you, and both of you being completely comfortable with acknowledging and reveling in it.</li>
<li>The wind through the pines in Upper Saranac Lake, NY</li>
<li>The feel of a 40 ft yacht completely under one's own command as you catch the wind</li>

<li>finding beauty in overlooked, everyday objects</li>
<li>awareness of traveling through life's rituals, like marriage. Being aware of the process as it happened</li>
<li>Sunday, sunny mornings in San Francisco</li>